Minutes of the Meetings


Glynnis Jones Aguirre

Board Secretary Glynnis Jones Aguirre Class of 1981 does an excellent professional job of providing the MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS.

Glynnis was a court reporter in her career.   So, she is able to keep up with several conversations at a time in our fun everybody-talks-at-once semi-formal board meetings.

She manages to politely remind us “one subject at a time”. And is a great help to Steve to keep board meeting moving and running smoothly.

Thank you Glynnis.

Current Minutes of the Meeting

Hoover Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, October 11, 2018 

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:05 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Nancy Nordell, Vice-Chair; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Jim Young; Marcia Kern; Chuck Diepholz; Monica Belandres-Root; Lil Baehr; Judy Messer; Alice Staninger; Tawnya Pringle, Scholarship Counselor.

The Board used the first few minutes of the meeting for discussion and remembrances of Board Member and Newsletter Editor, Bob Battenfield, who passed away on September 30, 2018.

Tanwya Pringle – Ms. Pringle thanked the Hoover Alumni Organization for the $22,000 in scholarship donations distributed during Senior Awards Night in June.  We are receiving thank-you notes from scholarship recipients.  Discussed changing timeline for scholarship interviews to end of April.  Lois needs to be in on the discussion.  We will need to get applications out to students earlier.  Tawnya will need to reserve Room 401 for interviews; will check on availability.

Chairman’s Report:  1) Steve attended the Class of 1968 reunion; They donated $600 to the Alumni Organization, which Steve will give to Larry. Classes of 1998 & 2008 have reunions tomorrow and will be taking tour of school. 2) Steve & Glynnis will be attending Homecoming pep rally and judging class skits.  Homecoming game tomorrow evening – alumni will have special seating in the broadcast booth.  There will not be a parade down El Cajon Blvd. this year due to construction.  Floats will be on the football field.          3) Class of 1963 reunion next week; Steve will drop off newsletters and promote Alumni Organization.

Vice-Chair’s Report:  Nancy reported that she met with Vicky Banks on Monday.  She will begin mentoring after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Minutes:  Nancy moved that the minutes of the last meeting held September 13, 2018 be approved as written; Marcia seconded the motion.  All in favor, the motion passed.

Steve will cover agenda items/reports for those who are absent today.

1) Steve discussed requests he receives from alumni and staff regarding different issues.  He received two requests for yearbooks; he would like to put something in the newsletter listing Eric as the contact person for yearbooks.  He was also contacted by Lou, the founder of a ‘60s-‘80s classic rock band called the Nomads; they were Hoover alumni and are still playing today.  Steve said he is contacted about numerous things, and he tries to help whenever he can – goes with the title.

Merchandise Sales/ Tiles, Bricks & Benches:   1) Steve reported that merchandise sales at the c/o ’68 reunion were very successful; sold $142.  John will be selling merchandise at the golf tournament on Nov. 3rd.  Steve will ask him to order items we’ve sold out of.  2)  Steve reported on the many things that John takes care of for the Organization and School. John re-attached tops of benches that were not secured properly.  Discussed that benches are looking dirty, need way to preserve them.  Discussion regarding bricks, benches and tiles.  After construction is completed, we may have more space for benches.  We will continue to sell benches and bricks, but no tiles sales right now.  We are lucky to have John do all that he does.  3) Chuck asked if HAO plans to do a memorial brick in honor of Bob Battenfield or only his c/o ’56.  Alice said honorary brick from her class is in the works.  Discussion held.  Monica mentioned the possibility of dedicating trees; benches could be placed around/underneath trees.

Website:  Marcia mentioned placing printable membership application on the website.  Discussion had regarding the great job that Margie is doing on the website.

Membership Update:  1) Marcia reported that things are slow right now, but will get really busy after the newsletter is mailed out due to the people who received delinquency notices renewing membership.  2) We had one renewal and two deceased members since our last meeting.  We need to up our membership; class contacts are our best resources.  Discussion regarding incentives for membership – how do we get younger generations excited about joining?  Lil mentioned membership will surge when construction is finished.  Discussion regarding moving into the computer age – using social media; Marcia and Monica volunteered to be administrators for the official HAO Facebook page.  Our membership count is approximately 700 with email addresses for about half that number.  Marcia will sort by year to get younger classes.

Golf Tournament Update:  1) Monica reported on follow-up calls and emails; we added 14 golfers in the last six days.  We have brought in $9,000 and have approximately $5,000 in costs to date.  We will make a profit.  2) Margie has added our sponsors’ names/logos to our Alumni website; links will be live and clickable and will take you directly to sponsors’ websites.  We will send our golf tournament website link to our sponsors so they can see sponsorship page.  3)  We need hole monitors for the $25,000 hole-in-one contest hole.  4) Monica reminded all members that we are all responsible for paying for our own lunch.       5)  We received a golf registration from Dick Canfield (‘42) who will be golfing.  Monica would like to recognize his in some fashion at the tournament luncheon; he will be our oldest golfer.

Class POC Liaison Update:  Chuck reported that he needs a new contact person for Class of ’56.  Discussion regarding class points-of-contact – there are some gaps in ‘80s, ‘90s and 2000s.  Marcia can look up class presidents and VPs, etc., to get some class contacts using whitepages.com

Newsletter:  1) Judy reported that Margie has newsletter pages laid out.  Judy has info for AP class article from Diane Conti.  Discussion regarding formatting, etc.  There will be a learning curve for this newsletter.  2) Chuck will check with classes of ‘-4s and ‘-9s for upcoming reunions.  3)  Margie has allocated space in the newsletter for the tournament.  We need to get it to the printer, and will have 3 days to do the printing.  Next meeting, Nov. 15th, we can do assembly after business meeting.  4)  Steve needs to work on the non-profit mailing status with post office.  Discussion.

New Business:  1) Discussion held regarding promoting Hoover and City Heights neighborhood.  Also discussed increasing membership and moving into the electronic age.  2)  Steve and Larry still working on possible c/o ’32 grad donation to the Alumni Organization.  3)  Discussed possible fundraising campaign tie-in to school construction in the next year, something along the lines of what was done for the 80-year celebration.  Discussion.

Homecoming:  Homecoming is tomorrow, October 12, 2018.  Pep rally @ 1:00pm.  Game vs Clairemont at 7:00pm

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.