Minutes of the Meetings

Glynnis Jones Aguirre


Board Secretary Glynnis Jones Aguirre Class of 1981 does an excellent professional job. Providing the MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS.





Herbert Hoover High School Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, September 21, 2017 

Called to order: 10:12 p.m 

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, President; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Bob Battenfield, Margie Reynolds, John Adkins, Lois Draper, Monica Root, Nancy Nordell, Eric Wong; Michael Shefcik, facilities manager; and Jason Babineau, Principal.

Guest:  Michael Shefcik, Hoover facilities manager, spoke to us about school construction.  Demolition schedule is up in the air, and says he would be surprised if it started before January 2018. District hasn’t sent out for bids yet.  There is no definite plan for sale of old auditorium stadium seating, but could be a potential fundraiser for the Alumni Organization.  There was discussion regarding having the back gate open before our meetings for parking.

Sign Report:  John Adkins found a plastics vendor in Miramar for the Mary and Jack Goodall sign improvement; cost would be approximately $100.  Steve asked for a written quote.  John reported The Mission Continues will be here for Veterans’ Day and could help with installation.

Memorabilia: 1) Discussion had regarding donated library books; John felt they were not worth much for fundraising.  It was suggested to take them to Maxwell’s Books in La Mesa either to sell or donate.  There are 9 boxes of old textbooks in the storage room as well.  2) John reported trophies in loft have not been organized yet; he was notified that our rights to storage there will be discontinued when that room is converted to a classroom; we have a year to get it done. 3) John reported that a New York City production company is doing a Ted Williams production and asked for memorabilia from us in digital form, if we have any.

President’s Report: 1) Steve reported he looked for memorabilia at Petco Park that had been moved from the Hall of Champions. He found out memorabilia is being put online for auction October 18th.  Laguna Niguel firm handling high-end items, and Vintage Sports Collections is handling lesser-known/lower-value items.  At Foundation meeting Steve asked to participate in the auction to purchase some items, spending up to $500 each, possibly up to 20 items.  There is much inventory of famous Hoover-ites.  Docent said Breitbard’s daughter is in charge.  Lois volunteered to contact Breitbard’s niece, Joni, to ask about getting some items donated back to Hoover.  2) Steve reported on bank phishing scam that came up again.  Last year we had a small amount of money stolen from our account.  Scammers tried to do it again on a much larger scale.  Poway Sheriff’s Dept opened a case.  No money was taken from the account.

3) Chuck Hansen Class of ’57 alum contacted Steve.  He was a photographer who took many of the old Hoover photos.  He is concerned that his work product is being used without permission; wants to know what items we’re using, wants photos to be of good quality.  We need to give him credit if we use any of his work product.  4) Steve met with Foundation, discussed merging-together questions.  Money is all held in Foundation.  Alumni Organization will maintain a reserve fund for reimbursement for small things.  Foundation is the bank; Alumni Organization is face of Hoover.  When we need to pay for large things, we go to the Foundation for money.  Foundation has four board members; Alumni Organization has 14+.   Hoover music program asking for $7-8K; Football program asking for money for locker room. Anything related to the school should be channeled through the principal.  If he brings it to the Alumni Organization and we agree, then we take that request to the Foundation.  Everything routed through the Alumni Organization.  Resurrecting the golf tournament was also discussed at Foundation meeting.  Monica and Margie are interested in helping. 5)  Staff BBQ a big success; want to do it again next year; drum line was a huge hit; cost us less than $500.

Minutes:  Nancy moved to approve the minutes of the meeting held 8-31-17 as written; Lois seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion carried.

Vice-President’s Report: None. (Alice not present)

Newsletter: 1) Bob reported about a UT news article about Hoover alum (2006) Nancy Tran, which showed good image of Hoover and City Heights.  Discussion had regarding reprinting article snippet for the newsletter and website; Spoke to UT, approval to use article and photo cost is $125; link on the website would take readers to the UT article.  Success stories like these are what we want to connect to Hoover; Monica will try to contact her. 2) Steve reported Laura Lou Jorgensen handles Memory Garden list of alumni who have passed away; she tracks every Hoover student’s contact info.  She created memory boards of City of SD and Hoover and would like them used at reunions. 3) Bob discussed reunions planning into 2018 listed in newsletter, and some 2017 events have already taken place.  Bob will print 1,000 newsletters.

Membership:  1) Margie has gone through the membership database and has identified all alumni with past-due membership fees, will send out insert with newsletter.  Discussion had on whether to send out postcard for delinquencies prior to 2016 and newsletter with postcard for 2017 delinquencies.  After discussion, Steve felt we should send newsletter one last time to all, even delinquent members, and let them know this will be their last newsletter unless they renew membership. 2) Bob designed “Rebirth of Hoover” postcard to send out to join/renew membership; it gives website info. Lois asked about the Jack Goodall $25,000 donation and matching funds needed.  Discussion had about getting that message out that we need to match Jack’s donation; we need to get that message out to Class points-of-contact to send out to their classmates.  Discussed matching fund name – decided on“Match Jack”. Matching donations will be sent to Steve’s address.  Margie would like postcards to send out to her class.  Monica has a classmate who owns a print shop she will ask to help us out.

3) Marcia has been working with Margie on membership.  Margie will meet with Marcia to turn over database.  Marcia will be in charge of the database with Margie as backup, and Monica as second backup.  Everything will be put on memory stick and be kept up to date; memory stick will be brought to each meeting (45,000 names on computer and cloud).  We don’t have Laura Lou’s database for deceased alumni.  Bob will send all the newsletter deceased database after 2007 to Margie electronically.

Treasurer’s Report:  (Bob – Jim not present)  Bob reported we have $7,779.30.  Bricks and Benches sales are a large part of that.  Jim’s class purchased a bench in honor of Jay Goodwin.

Yearbook Sales:  Discussion had regarding yearbooks.  Margie suggested we make sure to keep two per year.  We need to keep inventory up to date.  We sold a 1956 yearbook.  We have requests for ’68 and ’73.  Cost is $20 minimum or a donation above that.  Monica suggested log sheet be left in the storage room so sales can be documented immediately.  Margie will make up receipt for donations.

Athletics Report:  (Ed not present).  Steve reported Hoover won a football game.  He will follow up with Ed.

Resale Inventory:  1) John reported we are paring back resale program.  He’s waiting to be in contact with Sheriff’s Dept. print shop at the East Mesa Jail.  They do quality work – can print, embroider just about anything.  Discussion had about getting women’s t-shirts, whether there are minimum orders required.  John reports having LG and XL men’s t-shirts left over, we can sell at other alumni events, reunions, etc.  2) John asked what to do with money from sales he needs to turn in.  Will give to Jim; we will keep those types of small amounts to go in our reserve fund. 3) Discussion on adding sales tax to resale items.  Steve suggested having it already added into the cost of the items.

Election of Officers: Election of officers scheduled for next month.  Steve reported that bylaws state that elections are to be held every two years, unless a director abdicates their position.  Discussion had.  Margie moved that elections from last year carry forward, and we hold elections next year (Sept. 2018) in accordance with the bylaws.  Monica seconded the motion.  All in favor, the motion carried.

New Business: Discussion was had regarding Board of Director titles; we have been using both “President/Vice-President” and “Chairman/Vice-Chair”.  Website and newsletter use “Chair/Vice-Chair”.  It was discussed, and Steve suggested going back to the old titles of “President/Vice-President”.

GuestPrincipal Jason Babineau joined us and 1) thanked the Organization for feeding the staff at the BBQ.  He said that it gave them a sense of value and they were very appreciative.  With budget cuts, they can’t do as much as he would like to show staff how much they’re appreciated.  He thanked us for stepping up. Monica suggested a “Thank-You” sign for the staff to be put up for BBQ next year. Bob showed Jason the newsletter coverage of the BBQ and the Principal’s Letter to be included in the newsletter.  Discussed giving all staff a copy of the full newsletter; it was decided to give just two pages consisting of principal’s letter and BBQ photos.  There are 125 staff boxes; Margie will print. 2) Construction update:  Demo/Construction continues to get pushed back due to scheduling/logistics.  Demo scheduled for Spring 2018.  Goes to School Board January 28th for approval to start.  3) Hoover enrollment is 2,200.  Off to a good start.  4) Discussion regarding Homecoming.  Monica asked about promotions to bring alumni back, i.e. special seating.  Margie wants schedule of Homecoming activities for the website.

Bob suggested sending Join/Renew postcards is premature due to construction push-back.  Will do insert for delinquent/expired memberships.

Next meeting:  October 12, 2017, 10:00 a.m.  Newsletter prep immediately following w/pizza.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.


Hoover High School Alumni Organization Minutes—August 31st, 2017

Called to order: 10:10 a.m. Members Present: Steve Barclay, President, Alice Staninger, Vice-President, Bob Battenfield, Marcia Kern, Margie Reynolds, John Adkins, Lois Draper, Monica Root, Ed Balinger, Glynnis Aguirre, Donna Clabby

Minutes: The minutes were read and approved as written.

Sign Report: John Adkins shared his efforts to improve the Mary and Jack Goodall sign and hopes to find someone in the sign business to help make the names show more.

Benches/Bricks Report: Donna Clabby shared that a few more benches were installed and explained how the finances worked regarding the Hoover benches and bricks. There are two additional areas for benches for a total of three locations. Steve suggested a tour of the benches/bricks at a future meeting.

President’s Report: 1) Clean-up day was a smashing success. School staff was most appreciative. 2) Staff BBQ was also a big hit. Cost us $500.00 and the staff was really grateful. Should be an annual event. 3) Summer school incident. Not Hoover students. Took place off-campus. Steve wrote a letter in response.

VP Report: None

Scholarships: Lois is waiting to hear from scholarship awardees. None yet.

Membership: Steve is going to three reunions to talk about the Hoover Alumni Organization. A member of the class of 2007 wants to become active in the Organization. Marcia suggests continued efforts to reach class communicators to encourage members to join the organization. Margie is also going to help us modernize our membership database. In printing the newsletter, the printer can use the database to print the addresses on the newsletters themselves.

Website: Margie advised us to watch out for scammers who try to connect to website, emails, etc. Do not click open on links. Margie is continually improving the main page—Kitty at SDUSD thinks our website is great. Bob and Margie are working together to put some stories on the website.

Newsletter: Homecoming is now November 3rd. Bob Battenfield passed around a mock-up and a few corrections were made. The meeting to prepare the newsletters will be Otober 12th after the regular monthly meeting. Pizza lunch and do the mailers. All agreed to this.

Special Guest: Carlos Ramirez, Assistant Principal and Hoover Alum, Class of ’95 spoke to us. Shared his difficult and incredible history and encouragement by Bookie Clark to achieve. Talked about the parking dilemma and will try to find places for us to park. We can call CSA at the front office and they will transport us. He also shared with us appreciation for the clean-up day and the BBQ. He’s been working on improving the school logo and will help students to learn the Alma Mater. He stressed that he’s here to help us and to assist the new principal, Jason Babineau. Carlos’ email is cramirez1@sandi.net.

Sports Update: Ed Balinger will contact football coach Jzimmy Morgans. Hoover has a great soccer team. Monica shared that student Chris Modica is participating in the “Cream of the County” basketball.

The next meeting is September 21st (We changed the date.) Election of officers will occur.

Meeting adjourned: 11:53 a.m.


Hoover High Alumni Organization monthly meeting -MINUTES- June 8, 2017

Call to Order – 10:05 am in the Library Conference Room. Minutes assigned to(JA).

Attending: Lois DRAPER (57) Chuck DIEPHOLZ (66) Margie REYNOLDS (61)

Monica BELARDES-R00t (86) V-P–Alice STANINGER (56) Pres–Steve

BARCLAY (64) Jim YOUNG (58) Bob BATTENFIELD (56) Marcia KERN (68) John ADKINS (72)

Pres Report (SB) Jack GOODALL is (again) offering a 25K “match fund” award. The last time this was offered, the ALUMNI did not truly meet the committment. Any ideas will be gladly considered to properly “honor” this donation offer.

Schedule item – – ‘need to move-up the Sept meeting to the 7th. No neg-response offered to this change.

Newsletter Report: (BB) Articlé ideass are needed for upcoming Fall Issue. With our “expansion” to the website – more articles can be “posted” / so more article ideas are NEEDED.

V-Pres Report (AS) Reminder for the LUNCH even after meeting / final head-count needed now. Also news: HHHS V-P— Jeremy will be leaving due to the “new organization plan”

Pres-Report Continued – – Review previous meeting minutes from 5-11-17 (no major changes offered) MOTION- JY-accept / MR-2nd / ‘Carried Unanamous.

Treas-Report (JY) “BENCH” dollars are becoming a “documentation concern”. With the new ORGANIZATION we willneed to improve the reporting system between the “order/purchase/payment/recieving” cycle. Also (general info) previous Pres. Jay GOODWIN (residing in Fla) has a new cancer concern.

Scholarship Chair – (LD)- – All is moving forward O-K– the awards, a great event.

WEB Updates – (MR) – – E-site updates and info back-up are presently the main concerns. ‘We” will attempt to get all onto “the cloud”.

VISIT from Staff (1 1 :16) V-P-.RAMIREZ Campus Beatification is “underway”.

Many chalenges with the new construction. The “west” gate will become the “Main” gate during the new construction. Discussion of the “mascot icon” / it looks “mad”. RAMIREZ: “It looks impassioned.” Also, the School anticipates many problems with Memorabilia Documentation.

various Wrap-up comments: (SB) “Boys-Volleyball won CIF award.

Newsletter issue (BB) Remember, contribute MORE ideas to the Newsletter.

Website issue: (MR) There may be some MONEY expenditures needed for website “add-on’s”. No vote needed now – but please be prepared to consider such –

ADJOURN – – – 1 1 :42 am (whew) Submitted- John Adkins Secretary (not !) June 8, 2017


Herbert Hoover High School Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, May 11, 2017

Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Alice Staninger, Vice-Chair; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Jim Young, Treasurer; Bob Battenfield;  Marcia Kern; Margie Reynolds; John Adkins; Eric Wong; Lois Draper; Monica Root;  Nancy Nordell; Bob Guarnotta; Tawnya Pringle; Chuck Diepholz.

Call to order:  Meeting called to order at 10:04 a.m.

 Scholarships:  Lois reminded all members that student scholarship interviews would be held on May 25th.  Twelve students will be interviewing for 10 scholarships that will be awarded for university or community college attendance.  Members who will be attending interviews need to be there by 8:30 a.m. Tawnya will reserve 7 spaces and have copies of applicant packets to review.  Discussion.  Students can be ranked in order to determine what scholarships they will receive.  Thank-yous and proof of registration needs to be in to Jim by second week of first semester/quarter.

Scholarship night is June 1st at 6:00 p.m. in the gym. Steve and Alice will do presentation since Lois is unable to attend.  Class of ’53, Class of ’81, John Baker, and Mary & Jack Goodall scholarships will be included in the 10 scholarships being awarded.

Chairman’s report:  Steve reported that next month’s meeting will be our last before summer break, then school construction will start in the fall.  Discussion was had regarding the issue of the back gate being open for member parking and how we can make that run smoother.

Steve reported that we’ve had quite a few membership renewals, many renewing as lifetime members.  Marcia will handle all memberships from now on. Marcia passed around returned newsletters for members’ review to see if anyone knew whereabouts of people listed.  Bob noticed some had expired forwarding addresses; so the addresses might be good, but USPS wouldn’t forward anymore.

Last week Steve worked on a volunteer project in the alumni room, found many interesting items, including a 2008 newsletter picturing Jim and Alice. Also found original by-laws of Hoover Alumni Association, which need to be rewritten for the new Alumni Organization.  He was unable to find the signature book; was told by Vicky Banks she thinks she knows location but has no key.

Steve reported construction has been pushed back to October.  At that time the admin offices will relocate to the library. We have been asked to remove memorabilia from the memorabilia room; items will probably be placed in PODS and stored in climate-controlled facility.  Steve would like teams to document, scan, and itemized each item removed.  It will take many people to do this.  Steve will coordinate dates to do this.  He asks that each member consider how they can be a part of this project.

Alice also has a storage facility contact she will look into.  Alice asked that the Red Signature Book be separated from the rest of the memorabilia and stored somewhere else.  Discussion had.  Consensus that the only other place that would be safe to store would be a safe deposit box, as storing at someone’s home could pose a fire risk. Steve reported construction should be completed in 2018.  At that time the admin building will have storage cases for our memorabilia.  Margie mentioned she could help set up database.

We have received numerous scholarship contributions over that last month.  The large one from the James & Joan Kirk Family Trust has been received and deposited.  James Kirk was a good friend of Ted Williams; sent a picture of them together.  He was a noted flower grower with a 1,000-acre rose garden in Oregon.  $25,000 from Robinson Family Trust also deposited.  Discussion.

Breitbart Hall of Fame is removing sports memorabilia.  His daughter is overseeing.  Steve will ask if we can get some of those items donated back to Hoover.

Steve thanked the Board for all of their hard work over the past year.  Reminded us all that our Annual Clean-Up Project is August 12th.  This project is run by the Urban Youth Collaborative, not the Alumni Organization.  Sherwin Williams usually donates $500 for supplies.  We’ve been given a big to-do list which $500 won’t cover.  We can try to find other projects around campus that won’t cost money, and for different abilities, possibly cleaning up the garden in front of the school.

Vice-Chair’s report:  Alice reported on her storage facility contact.  Discussion had regarding costs.  Possible they could give us a cost break.  Monica mentioned it could be a tax write-off for them.

Approval of minutes:   Corrections to last minutes:  Eric noted a few typographical errors.  Clarification on 4- and 2-year scholarships was addressed; we give scholarships to students attending 4-year and 2-year colleges. Jim moved to approve the minutes of the April 13 meeting with the above corrections; John seconded the motion; all in favor, the motion passed.

Treasurer’s report:  Jim reported on closing the checking account.  He wrote a check for $13,000 to the Foundation, and has $6,000 remaining.  He continues to receive checks and has to wait for them to clear before closing account completely.  Discussion had regarding whether to give checks to Bob Guarnotta to deposit in Foundation account directly instead of depositing in Organization account first. Jim suggested continuing to deposit in our account and put off closing account.

Jim read letter he received from Ann Baker (wife of John Baker) thanking us for honoring John with a scholarship.  Lois will send a scholarship program to Ann.  Jim explained John was a founding member of the Foundation.  Jim asked Alice to write a thank-you.  It was discussed that it would be nice to get a good photo of the scholarship recipient to send to the Bakers.

Website report: Margie reported website still in progress, continuing to spell-check, etc.  Font on banner of gate not good, Bob working with Margie to fix banner issues. Bob found ”tall deco” font that matches the gate signage. Discussion.  Monica offered help.  Steve mentioned Principal requesting colors go back to more red and white instead of including so much black, which looks more like SDSU.  Margie still trying to contact Kitty to link our site directly from Hoover site.  Marcia suggested sending a mailed letter with cc to new principal.  People should be able to look on the Hoover High School webpage to link to info on reunions, etc.  Discussion had regarding old Alumni site still being active; Google takes you to the old site still.

 Newsletter Report:  Bob reported he is collecting stories for the September issue.  Picnic, clean-up day, new principal, and scholarships will be included.  He needs to get mailing labels coordinated.  Monica asked if we get a report from scholarship recipients.  It was discussed that the money goes directly to the school once we know student is enrolled.  Jim mentioned that $1,000 is used up quickly with rising costs.  John asked about scholarship recipients who made it big/did well as a newsletter story.  Marcia will send email out to teachers to ask if they are in contact with former scholarship recipients.

Bob encouraged all to write articles for the newsletter.  He stated we saved approximately $200 by not having the membership application as an insert, but possibly will do it as an insert again to fit articles in.  John wrote an article about alumnus who received the bronze star.  There was not room for it in this newsletter, but possible to put on the website.  John has two additional articles coming.  Margie asked for more info on Clean-up Day for the website.  Chuck said he spoke with Laura Lou about website content.  He has verbiage for articles she had written, but no pictures.  There was discussion about obtaining a photo of Dona and Tom Clabby to include on the website for brick and bench purchases.

Class Contacts Report:  Chuck found points-of-contact for most classes.  Unable to locate class of ’97 POC who used to work at Hoover.  Discussed possibly noting our website address in graduating seniors’ info packets or commencement program.  Alice mentioned that we used to give a year’s free membership to graduating seniors.  John suggested buying ad space in yearbook.  Chuck will send POCs website info, the NEST, and note stating Classmates.com and other sites are not affiliated with Hoover.

Other Business:  Jim informed the Board that Dona uses her credit card for purchases in connection with brick and bench purchases.  He feels we need to continue to have the checking account open to pay Dona back for credit card purchases.  Discussion held regarding reimbursement.

Discussion was had regarding the tiles on the side of building that will need to be removed due to construction.  If damaged, school will pay to replace.  John suggested that we document all the tiles.

Picnic merchandise – John reported that we only have coffee mugs and pens left to sell.  Grocery bags and t-shirts are still a work in progress.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 11:41 a.m.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.


Herbert Hoover High School Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, April 13, 2017

Present:  Steve Barclay, President; Alice Staninger, Vice-President; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Bob Battenfield;  Marcia Kern; Margie Reynolds; John Adkins; Eric Wong; Lois Draper; Monica Root;  Nancy Nordell; Dona Clabby; Tawnya Pringle.

Call to order:  Meeting called to order at 10:04 a.m.

Steve informed us that the Nest was in attendance and would be filming parts of our meeting as well as interviewing a few of our members for their broadcast.

Tawnya Pringle, Scholarship Counselor, was in attendance to give us information about this year’s scholarships.  She reported that the due date for students to turn in scholarship applications to her is May 5th.  Interviews will be held May 25th at 9:00 a.m. in the principal’s conference room.  Interviews run in 15-minute time slots.  Steve reminded us that all members are invited to attend interviews.  Tawnya needs to know how many will attend.  She accepts 12 applications and we choose 10 students for scholarships of $1,000 each.

Scholarship night is June 1st at 5:30 p.m. in the big gym.  Presenters need to check in by 5:15 p.m.  We will have fewer scholarships this year due to Gear Up and College Avenue Compact not participating this year.  We’ll be presenting scholarships for students attending 4-year universities and 2-year community colleges.  Lois added that the letter to recipients will include deadline for thank-you notes, etc.  Steve reiterated that the main purpose of the Alumni Organization is to fund scholarships.  Tawnya added that we spread the wealth based on other scholarships students receive, although sometimes there is overlap with other scholarships.

Margie asked about putting scholarship info on the webpage; Tawnya’s name and email (tpringle@sandi.net) will be put as contact and Jim’s info to send checks for scholarship donations.

Chairman’s report:  Steve reported that he is still waiting to hear from estate in Oregon about the funds that may be coming to us.  As reported in last month’s minutes, it may be a much larger sum that we originally anticipated based on info Steve has been receiving.  If that is the case, Steve feels we may be able to distribute more scholarships.  However, we may only receive the original $10,000 that was first reported.

Steve reported that we have been receiving more donations coming in to the Organization; all monies are now going into one pot.  We’re receiving a lot of donations – We received $10,000, $2,000, and two $1,000 contributions. Steve also received a certified letter from the Robinson Family Trust containing a check for $25,000 from the George & Jane Robinson Scholarship Fund.  George Robinson was a Vice Principal at Hoover at one time.

Steve has been working on getting nonprofit classification from the Postal Service for over a year.  All paperwork has different names and there has been much red tape.  He got the last documents in yesterday.

Vice-Chair’s report:  Alice brought in a fundraising letter from SDHS that we could possible use for our own purposes. 

Approval of minutes:   Corrections to last minutes:  Nancy Nordell was present but not listed; newsletter compilation date should be April, not May. (No motion was made at this time)

Memorabilia Room:  Board members visited the memorabilia room, met with Interim Principal Walter Fairly about school demolition/construction.  Discussion held regarding using some of the auditorium furnishings as auction items for fundraising.  Discussion had about caring for memorabilia items.

Treasurer’s report:  None.  (Jim not present)

Newsletter Report:  Bob reported there will be stories about Joe Austin leaving, Clean-Up Day, and Hoover-Groover Picnic.  He moved reunion info to Page 3, added scholarship page, and added membership application as part of the newsletter instead of as an insert.  Recommended April 20th to prep newsletters for mailing.  John had info on Richard Chase, Class of ’44, for newsletter article about receiving the bronze star.  Discussion had regarding newsletter being a benefit of membership in the Organization and what the policy will be regarding what newsletter content will be put on the website. 

Memorabilia Report:  John brought in items to consider for sale – T-shirts, hats and reusable shopping bags.  Discussion had about costs and durability of the items.  He hasn’t made contact with sheriff’s print shop. Monica asked if printer can print on any item, such as bags, or only t-shirts.  Steve asked for cost info and what items would be beneficial and cost effective by next meeting.

Approval of minutes (cont’d):  Margie moved to approve the minutes of the March 9 meeting with the above corrections; John seconded the motion; all in favor, the motion passed.

Class Contacts Report:  Marcia reported that the  legacy gift/estate planning statement will be included in newsletter.  Maybe Chuck can include that info in notice to class POCs.  Marcia mailed out letter to POCs and requested they send out to their classes.  She and Steve will discuss more in depth membership list.

Website report: Margie reported hooveralumniorgsd.org website is up and running with tabs and dropdown menus.  She is still working on news categories.  Reunions, POCs, etc., benefits of membership pages all included.  Steve asked about putting a blurb explaining that other websites are not official and not connected to Hoover High School or Hoover Alumni Organization.  Margie said new, interesting info would refresh each month, new items would go on home page.  Steve suggested news items such as Interim Principal Walter Fairly finishing the year, along with another principal; Should have another principal by summer.

New Business:  Alice added that Cardinal Interact is doing another clean-up project.  Steve estimated 80 from Interact plus 60 from other group volunteering; wants to engage with them so we can get some of them to volunteer during our clean-up day.

Bob mention a UT article about a recycling program and unused food.  Discussion had.

Old Business:  Steve mentioned that Miguel Carrillo, baseball team player, had surgery last month for liver cancer.  Baseball coach asking for any help we can give.  Discussion, possibility if we receive the larger donation discussed earlier.

Dona reported that she is still selling bricks and benches for fundraising.  Eric asked about Class of ’75 brick; he has not been able to locate it.  Dona will look into it.

Lois reported that Class of ’57 did a tour, went under the bleachers and showed the benches that will be re-done (Goodall, golf champs, and basketball champs).  All money raised from bricks and benches goes to scholarships.  Margie asked for pictures of the benches that will be re-done so she can put that info on the website.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 11:51 a.m.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.


Herbert Hoover High School Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, March 9, 2017

Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Alice Staninger, Vice-Chair; Jim Young, Treasurer; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Bob Battenfield; Ed Balinger; Marcia Kern; Eric Wong; Lois Draper; Monica Root;  John Michener, Guest; Rick Novak, Interim Principal.

Call to order:  Meeting called to order at 10:02 a.m.

Chairman’s report:  Steve reported that Principal Austin has left Hoover for the remainder of the school year, and that there will be several temporary replacements.  Rick Novak is current interim principal.  All other replacements are retired principals.

Steve introduced guest, John Michener, head of ALMA Academy, who runs course in broadcast journalism. John informed us that The Nest has its own YouTube channel that can be watched on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. Shows are created at Hoover’s $2.5 million broadcast facility. Steve would like to have a broadcast of a Board meeting.  Discussion held regarding content, edited down to 2-minute package which would air as part of their news broadcast.

Contact info:  JMichener@sandi.net.   YouTube:  Search “Hoover Nest” to find broadcast.  They broadcasted their 50th episode last week and were featured on KPBS and NPR.

Steve reported that the estate in Oregon that we initially were told we would receive $10,000 from is now possibly a different number. It is possibly a larger number, but not for sure. He spoke with the bank and account information was sent.  Discussion held.  Monies would come from the Estate of Jim Kirk, Class of 1937.  Jim will check with Laura Lou to see if she has any information on him.

Date of Hoover-Groover Picnic is August 19, 2017.  Steve also reported that when renovation construction begins in June, he believes we will still be able to hold the Annual Clean-Up Day event in the back part of the school.

Steve applied to USPS for nonprofit mailing, submitted all paperwork, but was denied due to association names not matching.  He will return next week to try to come up with a solution.  His contact there is alumnus from  Class of 1981.

Interim Principal, Rick Novak came in to introduce himself.  He was here previously as V.P. for          7-1/2 years.  Joe Austin is on leave for the rest of the year.  They are working on a public announcement with the area superintendent.  Rick will be here two weeks, then Bev Greco will take over along with Walter Fairly, for the rest of the year.  Rick is in the middle of issuing layoff notices due to district budget shortfall.

Vice-Chair’s report:  None.

Approval of minutes:   Glynnis noted that she neglected to put Jim’s title in the “Present” section. Jim moved to approve the minutes of the meeting held February 9, 2017 with the above-noted correction; Ed seconded the motion; all in favor, the motion passed.

Treasurer’s report:  Jim reported that all categories on the financial statement have been eliminated except for the checking account, due to Lord, Abbett account being closed out.  We received $900 from Dona for Class of ’65 bench purchase.  Checking account balance is $21,070.17.  All monies have been returned to classes.  We absorbed Class of ’53 monies.  Bob asked if we have any tax consequences due to closing Lord, Abbett.  Jim said no, that it was a very easy process.  Dona also listed on account.

Discussion was had regarding how JC scholarships would be handled if JCs become tuition-free in the future.  Tabled until that becomes a reality.

Jim reported we distributed a $1,000 scholarship to Fatima Aden and a $500 scholarship to Helen Do.  Lois confirmed all scholarships are distributed.  Discussion had regarding cutoff date for acceptance of scholarships and that that info needs to be put in letters to recipients in the future.  Bob moved to approve the treasurer’s report; Marcia seconded the motion; all in favor, the motion passed.

Newsletter Report:  Bob reported there will be no golf tournament to promote in the newsletter.  Discussed possibility of listing scholarship donors, as a news item.  Jim noted that we cannot reveal winners’ names in advance.  Discussion had regarding how many scholarships we actually give out.  The consensus was that we give out 10 scholarships, including donations for scholarships made by classes; not in addition to.  More discussion had regarding how to handle scholarship presentation.  May 25th is presentation date.

April 13th meeting will be the deadline to submit articles for newsletter. Next meeting after that is May 11th, we can possibly do newsletter labels and stamps then.  TBD.

Bob reported that Class of ’57 reunion will be July 21st.

Class Contacts Report:  Marcia reported that Chuck is compiling POCs for all classes.  She is working on a legacy/charitable-giving notice to inform alumni that they can include the Alumni Organization in their estate plans.  Steve and Alice will be the contact persons.

Website report:  Bob reported having two meetings with Margie, working on content, style, photos, etc. No ETA to launch website yet.  

Memorabilia Report:  Steve has a new contact for John for memorabilia.

Scholarship report:  Lois reported she will come up with a date to meet to participate in scholarship selection.  Tanya (Counselor) typically interviews 12 students that are chosen by application, essays, and teacher recommendations.  Nancy said she would like to attend.  Steve added that new members might want to attend this.  Need to confirm date.

Sports Report:  Ed reported Hoover lost to Saints in soccer 2-1, but that they did very well and were competitive.  Alumni beat the varsity during the Alumni Baseball Game.  Steve added that the oldest alumni to participate were in their 30s.  Varsity is young, new team this year.  Last year’s star pitcher, Miguel Carrillo, has liver cancer, is having surgery.  This might be a good news story.

Old Business:  After emailing membership letter to her class, Marcia has received 5 or 6 new life memberships.  She will contact other class POCs to do the same.  Steve will bring returned newsletters so Marcia can try to locate those alumni.

New Business:  We need to send new members their membership cards and thank-you notes to renewals.

Ed is looking for history of Hoover vs. San Diego High.  Will check with athletic department.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, April 13, 2017.  Work on newsletter.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 11:49 a.m.