Minutes of the Meetings

Glynnis Jones Aguirre

Board Secretary Glynnis Jones Aguirre Class of 1981 does an excellent professional job of providing the MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS.

Glynnis was a court reporter in her career.   So, she is able to keep up with several conversations at a time in our fun everybody-talks-at-once semi-formal board meetings.

She manages to politely remind us “one subject at a time”. And is a great help to Steve to keep board meeting moving and running smoothly.

Thank you Glynnis.

Current Minutes of the Meeting

Hoover Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, December 13, 2018 

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Nancy Nordell, Vice-Chair; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Margie Reynolds; Lois Draper; Chuck Diepholz; Monica Belandres-Root; Lil Baehr; John Adkins; Mark Strauss; Larry Hall; Lizbeth Pastenes, Guest.

Lizbeth Pastenes, Class of 2008:  Lizbeth currently works with Price Charities, is a graduate of Hoover, and just had her 10-year reunion during Homecoming weekend.  She is also currently in charge of the Cardinal Interact Program at Hoover, which has 50 sophomore students; she was a graduate of the Interact Program.  Lizbeth informed the Board that, through a Price Charities discretionary grant, she was presenting the Hoover Alumni Organization with a check for $1,000.  This donation will go to scholarships.  The Organization is very grateful to Lizbeth and to Price Charities for their much-needed contribution.  Steve added that Lizbeth and Price Charities also send a team to help us during our Annual Clean-Up Day event in the summer.

Chairman’s Report:  1) Christmas party that Steve hosts yearly was a fun affair.  Mary Neal posted video of the event on facebook.  Steve hopes everyone can attend next year.  2)  Lunch today at Venice Pizza after the meeting.  3) Steve will get bag project photos to Margie.  4) Steve will be in contact with Laura Lou regarding her involvement in the Memory Garden and get back to Margie in January.  Discussion. 

Minutes:  Lois moved that the minutes of the last meeting held November 15, 2018 be approved as written; John seconded the motion.  All in favor, the motion passed.

Vice-Chair’s Report:  1) Nancy reported that she is working with Vicky Banks on Tues/Thurs, says Vicky is concerned about students not being taught phonics, and is teaching Nancy how to teach phonics. 

Financial Report:   1) Larry reported that, as of 12/8/18, the golf tournament made a profit of $9,585.22, although there are still a few small outstanding expenses to cover. 2) Organization expenses are more than our income. Not counting golf money, the operating account is currently in the red – this is only the operating account and does not include scholarship monies, which are completely separate.  Discussion was had regarding whether golf money is separate from operating expenses.  Monica and Glynnis reminded everyone that the original agreement and purpose for the tournament was to be able to fund groups and activities that are separate and apart from scholarship and typical Alumni Organization funding, and are to be kept separate from operating funds.  Discussion had on cutting costs.  3)  Discussion on yearbook sales and accuracy of itemizing sales and postage, etc.  4) Our newsletter postage costs are down dramatically due to our new printer handling that for us.  Postage is down to 23 cents each now.  Printer is Hoover grad c/o ’86.

Newsletter:  1) Margie will be in charge of the newsletter again.  It will recap the golf tournament. She would like to have golf committee meeting before the next Board meeting in order to do a mockup of the newsletter.  Discussion had regarding article entries – need to be 12 point Arial font. Please bring articles to the next meeting.  She plans to send newsletter to printer by end of March.  2)  Discussion regarding next meeting date.  Agreed that we would push the meeting back one week to January 17, 2019.  3) Margie reported that, because of the help from the printer, not one newsletter was returned.  4)  Steve reported that he received many comments about how much people appreciated the article about Bob Battenfield.

Merchandise Sales / Bricks & Benches:  1) John brought in bricks that were recently purchased for Hernandez, Silverman, and in memory of Bob Battenfield. 2) John reported that, due to the recent heavy rain storm, lime (probably from the baseball field) has puddled all over the Walk of Champions and needs to be power washed as soon as possible.  Also Hub Foote’s bench is chipped and needs repair.  3)  Steve wants to update new facilities manager, Ricardo Barra, on what we do – benches, bricks, etc.  4) John reminded us to keep pushing brick sales; they are a high-profit item.  We will try to accommodate purchaser’s location choice.  Discussion had regarding brick installation and costs.  Monica will talk to her classmate regarding installation. 

Scholarships:  1) Lois reported we have received 17 of 22 thank-you notes from recipients.  2)  We are still planning on holding interviews over two days.  3)  Margie suggested putting a blurb on the website and in the newsletter to encourage parents and grandparents to remind students that scholarship interviews are coming soon and to apply.

Golf Tournament Update:  1) Monica reported that we are sending out donation receipts now.  Larger donors/sponsors will receive a letter with pictures.  2)  We are working on getting e-commerce for next year, and will increase the gift-card tree minimum card amount to $25.00.

Class POC Liaison Update:  Chuck is continuing to work on class contacts.  Discussion.

Old Business:  Larry updated the Board on the possible Carl Gottwald donation.  He has had talks a family member and is working on setting up a meeting.  He is trying to find Gottwald’s graduation year and a photo.

New Business:  1) Glynnis shared that her 1981 classmate, Damon Oppenheimer, was honored at the MLB Winter Meetings as Scout of the Year for the West Coast.  Damon is VP & Director of Amateur Scouting for the New York Yankees.  Discussion held regarding newsletter and website articles on Damon. 2) Steve confirmed that Mark and Lil will be continuing as members-at-large on the Board.  He asked about their skills and interests.  2a) Mark has talked with Marcia regarding co-chairing the membership committee and will volunteer on the golf tournament committee.  He has helped run basketball tournaments for 6 years at Patrick Henry and is willing to help in any way he can.  2b) Lil is an organizer and will help with golf tournament and writing/proof reading newsletter articles.  She is also willing to learn Excel to help Margie in any way she can.  3)  Further discussion regarding upcoming newsletter content, editing and format.  Newsletter will be 8 pages plus membership application insert, and possibly golf application, if ready at that time.

Website:  Discussion regarding Board members’ addresses being on the website.  The consensus is a definite no.  Margie mentioned putting a link of some sort on the website for people to ask questions.  Discussion. 

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.