Special Messages

A Thank You Note from Dona & Tom Clabby

Margie….thank you so much for what you do on behalf of the Alumni Association. It is a huge undertaking and has to be a labor of love that has instilled your heart strings to sing a “want to” attitude.

Everyone who has come back “ to give back” had to have had a unforgettable experience in their youth at our be-love Hoover High. Not until I pulled back this past year did I realize what an impact Hoover had had upon me personally. I thought I did…but not really. It affected actually both Tom and I.  

Now a days..as I gaze out of my sunroom and see the trees change with the seasons..it is like life itself ..”what goes around ..comes around”…the memories explode …

To the rest of you that is receiving this e-mail….thank you all also ….for the many unseen endeavors you provide for Hoover and the current students. Hopefully from their many culture backgrounds they too are creating memories that will bring them back in the years to come…

Also, here is a picture of the last bench I installed as Brick and Benches Chairman. 

Will see you all  at the golf fundraiser….it should be huge success with all of you working to make it so….

Regards, Dona and Tom….💁🙋️ and the beat goes on..🥁🥁🎷🎷🥁🥁🎷🎷