Minutes of the Meeting 2020

Hoover Alumni Organization

Notes from the ZOOM meeting held Friday, July 24, 2020

Start Time: 11:00 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Nancy Nordell, Vice-Chair; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Lois Draper; Koala Balderas; Monica Belandres-Root; Marcia Kern; Margie Reynolds; Larry Hall; Eric Wong; Judy Sawyer; Carol Hartson-Jensen.

Finances:  Larry reported everything is paid up to this point.  Upcoming newsletter will put us in the negative, and we will need to borrow from golf funds, as discussed and approved at a previous meeting.  We also have a $300 expenditure for website costs, per Margie.

Vice-Chair:  Nancy told us about a fundraising idea to create and sell Hoover-branded masks.  Steve asked her to provide a sample.

Membership:  Marcia reported (May 18th to July 24th) we have:  ten $25 renewals, two $20 renewals, one new $25 annual member, and one new $150 life member; for a total of $465.  Our current membership total is 697 members.  Marcia will start working on the database with Lil online.  She and Margie will try to do an audit via ZOOM.

Recycling:  Koala reported on recycling efforts; he will be at Hoover on August 10th to collect recyclables.  He is making shirts and plans to give one to each Board member.

Chairman:  Steve received a message from Principal Babineau that Hoover will be holding a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020 on August 11th, 2:00-7:00 p.m. in the school parking lot.  Kids will get to walk across the stage. 

Athletics and Golf:  Monica reported that, per CIF decision, all sports are postponed until spring.  The golf tournament is cancelled for this year; we will send out an email to previous attendees and sponsors in September to notify them of cancellation and new date for 2021 tournament.  We will provide PayPal link and P.O. Box for those who would like to make a donation.

Time Capsule/Construction:  Eric met with Greg Verdon (c/o ’65) of GV Industries, who is donating labor and materials for construction of time capsule.  It will be 18 x 18 x 18, powder-coated, and waterproof.  He will put signage on top, but needs verbiage from us on what it should say.  Eric suggested including the date of installation, and something like, “Dedicated to Cardinals past, present & future” or something like that.  We need to get this completed asap.  Judy asked about adding “Once a Cardinal, Always a Cardinal.”  Verbiage will depend on how much room there is on the top plate.  Discussion.  Steve said we need to get this done by mid-August.

There was also discussion about putting recognition of Greg’s donation in the newsletter.  Eric mentioned the possibility of giving him a plaque as a thank you.  Eric will coordinate with Margie on website and newsletter recognition.

We need to decide what goes into the time capsule and display cases in the new building.  There is an inventory of memorabilia items; Margie will email that list to everyone to review and make suggestions on items to include.  Steve has a Ted Williams baseball card he thinks would be a good addition.

Keys to building should be turned over to Jason on August 7th.  Marcia mentioned that key-turnover would be a good photo for newsletter.  Jason will approve Alumni Organization to evaluate and arrange display cases after August 7th.  The week of August 10th we should have access to the building.  We’ll need to sort through items to decide what to include.  There are 14-15 display cases we need to fill.

Eric spoke with the construction supervisor and was told that HAO will fill display cases and keys will only be available to HAO and a few administrators.  No access will be given to teachers/staff to rearrange/remove items.  Discussion.

Newsletter:  Margie has been working on the newsletter.  She still needs the Principal’s letter, memory garden entries, golf and time capsule info by August 15th.  Newsletter will be either 8 or 12 pages, depending on how many articles she receives to fill the pages.  She has two articles on recent alumni passing away.  Steve and Marcia are working to set up interview with Santee mayor (Hoover alum).  Marcia will call him.  Lois suggested including photo of the graduation ceremony and list of scholarship recipients.  Eric will drive by the school to confirm fencing is down.  If so, he will take new photos of construction completion to include in newsletter. 

Other business:  Due to COVID-19, the 90th Anniversary Gala has been cancelled.  Other events that have been cancelled are the golf tournament, ’60, ’65 & ’75 class reunions (rescheduled to 2021), c/o ’68 70th birthday party (postponed to 2021), and back-to-school staff breakfast.  We believe the Hoover Groover picnic will be cancelled, but have not heard definitely; waiting to hear from Sara.

Steve will notify the Board regarding date for next meeting.

End Time:  12:12 p.m.


No meeting In June, 2020



Attending the Zoom meeting:   Steve Barclay, Chuck Diepholz, Lois Draper,  Margie Reynolds,  Lil Baehr,  Marcia Kern, Carole Jensen, Koala Balderas, Monica Root, Nancy Nordell, Eric Wong

Meeting began at 9:45 AM

Steve made announcements regarding current status of Hoover activities.  The school is completely closed. No activity or staff currently on the campus. Conversation with principal  Jason indicated that when building is completed, he would arrange for Alumni Org. Board members to set up displays.  Need to determine what items will be used.

Scholarship applicants were interviewed by Tawnya Pringle and awards made based on her decisions. Due to the COVID19 situation we were not able to interview students as a committee and Scholarship Event at the school was cancelled.

Eric will be contacting construction supt. To determine what type of lid/cover will be used for the time capsule. Also need to determine what will be placed in it and what type of signage will go with it.

Margie has made revision updates to Steve’s Chairman’s message on the website. She is now looking for items for Fall newsletter. Suggested so far, article on recently deceased Hoover Alum Dennis Pugh. Also if interview can be arranged with Santee Mayor –Hoover grad John Minto. Marcia will interview him when it can be arranged.

Marcia gave update on current membership. She has agreed to stay on longer to assist with transition to Lil. They will coordinate this between themselves ASAP.

Koala – Set recycling date at Hoover for Thur. May 21st  at 11:00 AM.

Bring recycled items to main office parking lot.  He also reported funds were returned to him from intended use at prom, etc. He is redistributing it to students with needs to purchase annuals, etc.

Monica has sent message to POC at Admiral Baker Field regarding planned Golf Tournament and is waiting for reply.  At this point nothing definite has been arranged. Waiting for decisions regarding opening of golf course, what type of event could be arranged w/ or w/o luncheon, etc.

Carole has been keeping list of deceased classmates. Info. from all of us sent to her is helpful and appreciated. Not all deceased persons are listed in newspaper obituaries, so other sources are helpful.

Submitted by:

Steve Barclay


No Meeting in April 2020


Hoover Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, March 12, 2020

**Please note, the meeting was held prior to COVID-19 school closure and stay-at-home order.  Some items may no longer be applicable and will be updated at a later date. **

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:08 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Nancy Nordell, Vice-Chair; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary;

John Adkins; Chuck Diepholz; Lil Baehr; Lois Draper; Koala Balderas; Larry Hall; Eric Wong; Judy Sawyer.

Chairman’s Report:  Steve reported:  1) A donation check for over $1,000 from c/o 1950 was mailed to the school but never showed up; they have put a stop-payment on the check and will be reissuing.  Steve will pick up personally. 

Vice-Chair’s Report:  None.

Minutes:  It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes of the meeting held February13, 2020 as written, with the following correction: change Michael Hew to Michael Heu.  All in favor, the motion passed.

Finances:  Larry reported:  1) We have $1,245 net income, through 3/8/20; he brought copies of financial report for the HAO from the Foundation.  2) Discussion regarding borrowing from golf funds with a journal entry that it would be a non-interest-bearing loan of up to $1,000 disbursed as needed in $500 increments and will be paid back.   3) Glynnis brought up the possibility of designating 5% of golf net profit to HAO operating funds, but would like to table the topic for a meeting where both she and Monica are present. 

4) Discussion on how funds raised from sale of bricks & benches should be designated.

Newsletter:  Steve reported that, per Margie, the newsletter is headed to printer.  Principal’s message didn’t arrive in time to be included in this issue.

Membership:  Steve reported: 1) Per, Marcia, we have 693 members.  2)  Steve suggested we lower the number of newsletters printed from 1,000 to 800 to reduce costs by 20% and be more in line with membership numbers.  3)  Chuck discussed that our membership numbers are not good; we’ve had approximately 56,000 graduates, but only 693 members.  Marcia did an appeal letter, and Chuck sent out emails to POCs to check their numbers for class contact lists. It has been difficult getting POCs to respond.  He feels we should wait another 30-60 days to email membership letter once world events calm down.

Memory Garden:  Discussion on how deceased alumni are added to the memory garden list and how entries are verified.  Laura Lou does continue to help.

Sports Report:  1) Girls basketball team won the Division 5 CIF Championship game 63-61.  This is the first championship for girls basketball in school history.  A.D. Stahley is raising funds for championship rings; sent Special Funding Request for $500 from golf funds.  Glynnis moved that the SPF for $500 for girls basketball championship rings be approved; John seconded the motion; all in favor, the motion passed.             2) Eric purchased a basketball to be signed by players to be included with HAO memorabilia.

Yearbooks & Time Capsule:  Eric reported: 1) One yearbook sold, plus a $15 donation; and $100 through PayPal for 4 yearbooks; for a total of 5 yearbooks sold.  2) Eric did a walk-through of auditorium, saw where time capsule will be placed, confirmed hole size of 20 x 20 x 19 inches.  Larry will email Eric with options for time capsule material.  3) Construction on schedule for June completion. No date for key turnover or move-in.  4) We need to decide on cover material for time capsule, when it will be re-opened, and signage.  Construction Mgr. suggests removable brass cover; they can include bolts in concrete.  5) Eric is working on getting letters from dignitaries to include in time capsule.

Scholarships:  Lois reported: 1) The deadline has passed for students to collect last year’s scholarships; 10% went unclaimed.  2) Discussion on how many scholarships we will give out this year.  Decided we will give out 20 scholarships; $1,000 for community college and $1,500 for 4-year university.  3) Interviews will be held April 27th & 28th; Awards night is May 28th.  Discussion.

Merchandise / Bricks & Benches:  John reported: 1) Classes 1941-’46 liquidated their bank account and purchased a bench.  He would like to put in a prominent spot, if possible, as a memorial to a time when the world and campus were in turmoil because of the war; it is in storage now.  He would also like a prominent spot for the Sarah Purcell bench. 2)  John will have merchandise and yearbooks at the Alumni tent at the 90th Anniversary Gala.  Discussion on giving away an incentive item with membership signup at the gala. 

Recycling Program:  Koala reported: 1) A c/o ’49 alum who owns an apartment bldg. downtown donated $288 in recycling.  2) $506.76 was raised from recycling last month.  Koala was able to purchase grad night tickets for 3 special ed students and a family member to attend.  With all that is going on, there is a possibility that grad night may be cancelled.  He will find out soon.  3) Clean-up event next month on April 4th in City Heights.  4) He has been spreading the word.  Will possibly be talking the SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten about possibility of adding recycling to school campuses.

New Business:  Judy brought in memorabilia (Hoover and San Diego High beanies) from 1937 football game.  An alum gave them to her to donate to HAO for archives.

90th Anniversary Gala:  1) Steve has been meeting with Jason and others re: gala Octo. 10th.  They don’t know if City Schools will be involved or not.  We will need volunteers to man decade tents, for setup and take-down.  There will be passed appetizers made by culinary arts department; we will need an estimated number of attendees, so we’ll need to figure out how to get RSVPs.  Need to get the word out.  2) Eric showed mockups of 2 Cardinal designs for 90th Anniversary.  Discussion.  3)  Lois reported the HAO received a $50 donation for the general fund/discretionary from Bill Elliott.  Glynnis will send a thank-you note for the donation.  4) The neon signs that were previously donated are high voltage and need to be in protective cases.  Cost is $200.  5) Larry reported that Mark Gonzales is looking for choir memorabilia.  Glynnis will check with some of her choir/ensemble friends and put the word out.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.


Hoover Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, February 13, 2020

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:04 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Margie Boyd; Marcia Kern; Koala Balderas; Eric Wong; David Mitrovich; John Adkins; Chuck Diepholz; Larry Hall; Tawnya Pringle, Counselor; Principal Babineau; Kristiana Riego de Dios.

Scholarship Counselor, Tawny Pringle 1) Discussed our need to select dates for scholarship interviews.  She is looking at April 27th & 28th as tentative dates.  She will reserve the conference room and confirm with Lois that these dates are okay.  2) Senior awards night is May 28th.  3) 90% of last year’s scholarship recipients have picked up their scholarships.

Chairman’s Report:  Steve reported:  1) Michael Hew, ALMA Academy & Yearbook advisor, has reserved 2 pages in the yearbook to commemorate the 90th anniversary.  We need to think about what we would like to include.  2) Alumni night basketball game had a good turnout; we need to get some photos on the website.  3) Alumni baseball game on Saturday, February 15th.  Steve will throw out the first pitch at noon.                 3)  Alumnus from c/o ’56 is donating his old basketball uniform.  4) We need to start forming committees for the 90th anniversary gala, showcasing 90 years of Hoover history.  We will reach out to all alumni, and publicize through social media. Date is October 9th & 10th.  Discussion on what merchandise we can/should sell, fundraising, possibility of having 90th anniversary logo and other symbols on bricks for sale.

Minutes:  It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes of the meeting held January 9, 2020 as written.  All in favor, the motion passed.

Vice-Chair’s Report:  None.  (not present)

Finances:  Larry reported:  1) He is currently working on the 2019 tax return for the Foundation.  2)  Larry explained designated vs. discretionary funds available in HAO funds.  Discussion.

Membership:  Marcia reported: 1) as of 1/27/2020, we gained 19 annual renewals and 3 new annual memberships, 8 new life memberships, 5 deceased members; had $635 in scholarship donations, and a $200 general fund donation.  Since the audit date, we added 2 new life members for a membership total of 693.

2) Delinquent members pre-2015 have been purged from rolls; 2016-2018 delinquency total is 79.  Discussion had regarding sending out notices to delinquent members, promoting membership through personally reaching out to alumni.  Marcia will post on Facebook and Instagram to promote membership.      3)  Marcia will meet with Lil to help her learn to take over the membership chair duties.  4)  Marcia’s class 70th birthday party will be October 11th.  Discussion.

Memory Garden:  Margie reported: 1) Carol sent revised memory garden list.  Discussion.  2)  She and Steve still have not had a meeting with Laura Lou.

Recycling Program:  Koala reported:  1) Wilson Middle School has started a recycling program.  He is working on getting program started at Hoover; will talk to Principal Babineau about having multiple bins. 

Yearbooks & Time Capsule:  Eric reported: 1) 4 yearbooks were sold.  2) Discussion on when time capsule will be ready to be installed.  Principal Babineau estimated May at the earliest, but most likely June.  Eric will coordinate with construction supervisor, and will confirm size of hole is 20 x 20 x 20. 3)  Discussion on what will go into time capsule, material from each decade – thoughtful, personal items of that time, photos of momentous occasions.  Larry asked about whether there would be a public dedication for the time capsule.  Jason thought probably not, but we could take a photo so that it could be a part of the dedication. 5) Jason wants everything competed by the grand opening, with no empty showcases. 6)  Discussion on what type of material time capsule will be made of in order to protect contents; a waterproof safe or having a box made were a few suggestions.  Eric will do more research.

Principal Babineau introduced Ms. Riego to the Board and explained that he would like her to be a liaison/extension of the HAO on a site level to help with Hoover history, have access to the archive room/memorabilia, etc.

Ms. Riego reported:  1) Alumnus Mr. Terry Kitane (’56) donated his basketball jersey and a very large “HHS ‘56” neon sign.  It is being stored in the archive room now.  We need to find a place to display it once the new building is complete.  2) Discussion on rotating items in display cases and having Ms. Riego onsite to facilitate those types of things.  3)  Discussion on status of museum – Jason said he wants to make it happen.  He doesn’t know about District support, but the idea has been pitched to a donor in the past.  He feels we will make it happened one way or another.  4)  Glynnis suggested a profile article on Ms. Riego be written for the newsletter.

Newsletter:  Margie went over what is needed for the upcoming newsletter pages.  All pages, articles, info should be emailed to Margie asap so the newsletter can be completed by the next meeting and be ready to send to printer.

Website:  Margie reported:  1) Some updates have been made to the website.  Chuck went through his suggested changes/corrections for the website.  2)  Larry will contact John Kibbe to get a drone photo of the school for the website.

Golf Tournament:  Glynnis reported:  1) The tennis team special funding request has been okayed; Larry will disburse funds ($500) and email Glynnis & Monica check numbers and disbursement dates for tennis, Cardinal Superstars, and drumline.  2) Steve reported receiving a letter requesting $500 special funding for a writer’s workshop.  Discussion held.  Eric and Glynnis suggested that writer’s workshop needed to fill out the correct form for us to consider funding.  Steve will let them know.  3)  David mentioned that staff are used to filling out forms online; that might be a better way to get them to fill out the forms.  Glynnis stated that we are still in the pen and paper mode right now, but thinks it’s a good idea for the future.

New Business:  Steve updated the Board on meeting held regarding gala.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 12:25 p.m..


Hoover Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, January 9, 2020

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m.

Members Present:  Nancy Nordell, Vice-Chair; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Margie Boyd; Lil Baehr; Lois Draper; Marcia Kern; Koala Balderas; Eric Wong; David Mitrovich; Larry Hall; Vice Principal Conti.

Vice Principal Conti joined us to discuss the Cardinal Superstars awards ceremony for students being recognized for excellence.  Awardees receive a small gift of Hoover merchandise, and refreshments are served.  She asked for support from the Alumni Organization and submitted a Special Funding Request form for funds for $1,300 from golf tourney funds.  Discussion held regarding $500 max request amount and whether we would make an exception to the rule due to the number of students the awards ceremony would benefit.  We also discussed other ways to raise funds for this activity in the future.  After discussion, Marcia moved that we approve the request for $1,300 and make an exception to the $500-max-request rule on a one-time-only basis this year; Margie seconded the motion; all in favor, the motion passed.  Discussion.

VP Conti expressed that she will work with Principal Babineau to spread the word and promote the Special Funding Request form access to funds for clubs/teams so they know funds are available to them.

Chairman’s Report:  None.  (not present)

Minutes:  It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes of the meeting held December 12, 2019 as written.  All in favor, the motion passed.

Vice-Chair’s Report:  Nancy asked for input regarding our prior discussion on placing ads in the newsletter.  Marcia mentioned that there may be a possibility that our printer could be of some help regarding ads.  Discussion regarding placing free ads for golf tourney sponsors as a trial to see how the ads would look in newsletter.  We would need to get permission from sponsors.

Newsletter:  Margie reported: 1) We do not have enough content/articles for the upcoming newsletter.  Eric mentioned that the mayor of Santee is a Hoover alum, and Marcia volunteered to send him a letter asking for an interview so she could write any article for the newsletter.  2) Golf tournament will be Page 11.

Website:  Margie reported:  1) Website is getting stale; many of the pages have outdated content.  Discussion on how much newsletter content should be included on the website, deleting some pages that have old and unnecessary information.  Glynnis said she would try to go through some of the pages and give Margie a list of items that should be deleted.  2)  Larry showed Board members new logos on the school’s website for HAO and Foundation links.  Discussion.

Golf Tournament:  Glynnis reported:  1) Save the Date – 3rd Annual Cardinal Golf Tournament will be November 7, 2020.  2)  We still need to correct the winner photos on website and newsletter.  Discussion.

3) Besides the Special Funding Request from VP Conti for $1300, we also received a request from the tennis team for $500.  There is some confusion about who the approving administrator is that signed the form.  Larry will go back to tennis coach to clarify and confirm this was signed by the athletic director, as all sports funding requests must be signed by the A.D.  Glynnis moved that the Board approve funding the tennis team’s request for $500, once Larry confirms that the form was duly signed and approved by the athletic director; Margie seconded the motion.  All in favor, the motion passed.  4) Glynnis requested that once the SFR checks are disbursed, that Larry email her the check numbers and disbursement dates for golf tournament records.

Membership:  Marcia reported: 1) We have 11 annual renewals @ $20 ea., 4 new life members @ $150 ea., and 1 deceased.  Our total membership is 690.  2) What seems to work best for increasing membership is class POCs continuing to reach out to their classmates.  Marcia suggested having Chuck send out his POC update emails a couple of times to encourage POCs to forward info to their classes.  3)  We need to revise the membership application to update the increase in annual dues to $25/yr.  Margie & Marcia will take care of this.

Finances:  Larry reported:  1) Although last meeting it was reported our operating budget was in a deficit, after new membership funds were received, we are now solvent.  Discussion held on long-term planning for increasing our operating budget income, continuing to advertise to prospective members that their dues are tax deductible.  2)  Margie reported on some budgetary work she has been doing.  She feels the Board should participate in creating the annual budget, wants a simpler income & expense report.  3) Discussion held regarding PayPal button being added to HAO website.  Margie is still working on implementing this feature. 

Scholarships:  Lois reported: 1) There are still five scholarship recipients who we have not heard from; She read a thank-you note from one of the recipients.  2) We need to decide how many scholarships we will be giving out this year.

Bricks & Benches/Merchandise:   Discussion held on tax deductibility of bricks/benches purchases.  Larry explained that these are completely tax deductible, as each brick/bench is considered a gift to the school.      2)  Eric reported that John does not plan to order new merchandise right now, but Eric feels that we should think about ordering soon so we can have merchandise for the grand opening celebration for the new building.  3)  Eric mentioned that Ed Ybarra has an artist friend who may do some artwork for us; Eric will reach out to him.  There are also other artists in the Class of ’69 as well as student artists that we can reach out to see if they would like to submit artwork for new logo for the HAO to use – would need to be free.

Time Capsule:  Eric reported that he ordered Gayle Peevy t-shirts for her to sign so they can be placed in the time capsule.

Recycling Program:  Koala reported:  1) Owner of Tribute Pizza in North Park will be talking to students about entrepreneurship during lunch on Monday, January 27th, in Room 1052. 

New Business:  It was requested that Glynnis email out a list of current Board member emails/phone numbers to all Board members.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:59 a.m.