Minutes of the Meeting 2020

Hoover Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, January 9, 2020

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m.

Members Present:  Nancy Nordell, Vice-Chair; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Margie Boyd; Lil Baehr; Lois Draper; Marcia Kern; Koala Balderas; Eric Wong; David Mitrovich; Larry Hall; Vice Principal Conti.

Vice Principal Conti joined us to discuss the Cardinal Superstars awards ceremony for students being recognized for excellence.  Awardees receive a small gift of Hoover merchandise, and refreshments are served.  She asked for support from the Alumni Organization and submitted a Special Funding Request form for funds for $1,300 from golf tourney funds.  Discussion held regarding $500 max request amount and whether we would make an exception to the rule due to the number of students the awards ceremony would benefit.  We also discussed other ways to raise funds for this activity in the future.  After discussion, Marcia moved that we approve the request for $1,300 and make an exception to the $500-max-request rule on a one-time-only basis this year; Margie seconded the motion; all in favor, the motion passed.  Discussion.

VP Conti expressed that she will work with Principal Babineau to spread the word and promote the Special Funding Request form access to funds for clubs/teams so they know funds are available to them.

Chairman’s Report:  None.  (not present)

Minutes:  It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes of the meeting held December 12, 2019 as written.  All in favor, the motion passed.

Vice-Chair’s Report:  Nancy asked for input regarding our prior discussion on placing ads in the newsletter.  Marcia mentioned that there may be a possibility that our printer could be of some help regarding ads.  Discussion regarding placing free ads for golf tourney sponsors as a trial to see how the ads would look in newsletter.  We would need to get permission from sponsors.

Newsletter:  Margie reported: 1) We do not have enough content/articles for the upcoming newsletter.  Eric mentioned that the mayor of Santee is a Hoover alum, and Marcia volunteered to send him a letter asking for an interview so she could write any article for the newsletter.  2) Golf tournament will be Page 11.

Website:  Margie reported:  1) Website is getting stale; many of the pages have outdated content.  Discussion on how much newsletter content should be included on the website, deleting some pages that have old and unnecessary information.  Glynnis said she would try to go through some of the pages and give Margie a list of items that should be deleted.  2)  Larry showed Board members new logos on the school’s website for HAO and Foundation links.  Discussion.

Golf Tournament:  Glynnis reported:  1) Save the Date – 3rd Annual Cardinal Golf Tournament will be November 7, 2020.  2)  We still need to correct the winner photos on website and newsletter.  Discussion.

3) Besides the Special Funding Request from VP Conti for $1300, we also received a request from the tennis team for $500.  There is some confusion about who the approving administrator is that signed the form.  Larry will go back to tennis coach to clarify and confirm this was signed by the athletic director, as all sports funding requests must be signed by the A.D.  Glynnis moved that the Board approve funding the tennis team’s request for $500, once Larry confirms that the form was duly signed and approved by the athletic director; Margie seconded the motion.  All in favor, the motion passed.  4) Glynnis requested that once the SFR checks are disbursed, that Larry email her the check numbers and disbursement dates for golf tournament records.

Membership:  Marcia reported: 1) We have 11 annual renewals @ $20 ea., 4 new life members @ $150 ea., and 1 deceased.  Our total membership is 690.  2) What seems to work best for increasing membership is class POCs continuing to reach out to their classmates.  Marcia suggested having Chuck send out his POC update emails a couple of times to encourage POCs to forward info to their classes.  3)  We need to revise the membership application to update the increase in annual dues to $25/yr.  Margie & Marcia will take care of this.

Finances:  Larry reported:  1) Although last meeting it was reported our operating budget was in a deficit, after new membership funds were received, we are now solvent.  Discussion held on long-term planning for increasing our operating budget income, continuing to advertise to prospective members that their dues are tax deductible.  2)  Margie reported on some budgetary work she has been doing.  She feels the Board should participate in creating the annual budget, wants a simpler income & expense report.  3) Discussion held regarding PayPal button being added to HAO website.  Margie is still working on implementing this feature. 

Scholarships:  Lois reported: 1) There are still five scholarship recipients who we have not heard from; She read a thank-you note from one of the recipients.  2) We need to decide how many scholarships we will be giving out this year.

Bricks & Benches/Merchandise:   Discussion held on tax deductibility of bricks/benches purchases.  Larry explained that these are completely tax deductible, as each brick/bench is considered a gift to the school.      2)  Eric reported that John does not plan to order new merchandise right now, but Eric feels that we should think about ordering soon so we can have merchandise for the grand opening celebration for the new building.  3)  Eric mentioned that Ed Ybarra has an artist friend who may do some artwork for us; Eric will reach out to him.  There are also other artists in the Class of ’69 as well as student artists that we can reach out to see if they would like to submit artwork for new logo for the HAO to use – would need to be free.

Time Capsule:  Eric reported that he ordered Gayle Peevy t-shirts for her to sign so they can be placed in the time capsule.

Recycling Program:  Koala reported:  1) Owner of Tribute Pizza in North Park will be talking to students about entrepreneurship during lunch on Monday, January 27th, in Room 1052. 

New Business:  It was requested that Glynnis email out a list of current Board member emails/phone numbers to all Board members.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:59 a.m.