Minutes of the Meeting

Hoover Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, June 6, 2019

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:01 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Nancy Nordell, Vice-Chair; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Margie Boyd; Marcia Kern; Lil Baehr; John Adkins; Lois Draper; Koala Balderas; Monica Belandres-Root; Chuck Diepholz; Larry Hall.

Golf Tournament:   1) Monica reported new donation letters were printed for free by Charlie, our printer; she explained the Principal’s Circle categories and handed out copies to Board members to share in their communities.  The tournament is the first Saturday in November every year.  The 2018 tournament raised just over $10,000.  2)  Glynnis discussed the $385 from golf funds given to the drumline for competition travel using special funding request form; golf committee needs completed form back from Foundation.  Discussion.

Minutes:  Nancy moved that the minutes of the last meeting held May 9, 2019 be approved as written; Chuck seconded the motion.  All in favor, the motion passed.

Financial Report:  1) Larry reported that 2017-present books were reviewed (not audited), and there were no discrepancies found.  2)  Larry has replaced Penny as the Foundation/Organization Treasurer. 3) Our total net worth is $347,000, all designated funds.  4)  Lois asked questions regarding designated scholarship funds, i.e. the Robinson Trust funds.  Discussion regarding HAO and Foundation becoming one entity and how funds were designated.  Steve explained procedural events.  Discussion on which named scholarships HAO will be giving out. 

Scholarships:  1) Lois reported on awards night. Alumni Organization gave out 22 scholarships; 120 students received scholarships totaling $1,848,000.  It was a great evening for Hoover students.  2)  Nancy thanked the Board for adding funds to the Class of ’68 scholarship.  3) Larry mentioned that thank-you notes have to come through the school.  He will check mailboxes for the Foundation and Alumni Organization.

Website:  1) Margie reported on website changes she has made and that she was adding Board members’ mailing addresses on the website.  Glynnis reminded everyone that there was a past vote held to not have mailing addresses on the site.  Discussion.  No list of Board member addresses will be added to the site.

Newsletter:  1) Margie reported that the deadline for article submission is the October meeting.                     2) Discussion on newsletter contents; front page will have photo and article on Grand Opening.

Construction/Grand Opening Fundraising:  Larry discussed interactions with the District regarding fundraising, and Steve discussed HAO/Foundation fundraising project.  Glynnis asked for clarification on whether this was the same as the fundraising for the grand opening celebration previously discussed.  Steve said that they were two separate things.  Discussion.

Membership:  1) Marcia reported we added 14 annual renewals, 2 life memberships, 1 added member,          two $50 scholarship donations, two $20 scholarship donations, and have 3 deceased members, and 2 duplicates removed – Total membership is 675.  Delinquent members: 17 from 2016, 9 from 2017, and 18 from 2018.  She will send very delinquent members a notice with newsletter cover page.  2)  Marcia sent out 12 letters to prominent alumni and has six more to write; she had 1 response for an interview.  3)  Discussion regarding giving out HAO stickers with new memberships; she may need more.  John has remainder of stickers that he sells; he will get some to Marcia.  Glynnis added that Charlie printed them, and we can get more when needed. 4) Discussion on need for PayPal button for membership.

Class POC Liaison:  1) Chuck reported that he added points of contact for classes of ’69, ’92 and ’95, and left messages for ’76 and ‘77.  He is working on filling all POC spots.  2) He mentioned contacting chairs of the Franklin 90th and Hoover 80th for grand opening celebration help.

Bricks & Benches / Merchandise:  1) John reported we have plenty of merchandise on hand.  He has one reunion to attend and will be pushing sales of bricks at the picnic. 

Financial (cont’d)/Staff Breakfast:  1) Larry asked about the possibility of giving retiring staff gifts.   Discussion held regarding whether this is in our purview and what precedent it would set.  An informal vote was taken, by show-of-hands, and it was decided that the HAO would not give retiring staff gifts.  2) Larry reported that physics teacher, Natasha Banchik-Morpeth, requested $1,000 for a software program for the SABE Academy.  Steve asked about whether the principal had discretionary funds for this; Larry said they were depleted.  Larry asked the Board for half of the funds and said he would fund the other half.  Discussion.  Lois moved that the HAO give $500 of our discretionary funds to pay for the SABE Academy software, and Larry supply the other half; John seconded the motion; All in favor, the motion passed.  2)  The menu for the staff breakfast is fruit, muffins, breakfast burritos, orange juice, and coffee.  Larry needs at least 3 people at 7:00am Wednesday, or as many as possible. Bring tongs, plastic platters and pitchers, gloves.  Discussion.

Recycling Project:  1) Koala held a canyon cleanup project on June 5th.  2)  Since today is our last meeting until September, scheduled recycling pickup dates will be on July 10th 9:30 – 10:00am and August 11th Clean-Up Day at Hoover; Koala will advertise public drop-off.  He also plans pickup on August 17th at the Hoover-Groover BBQ (Steve will talk to Sara to make sure it is okay).

Chairman’s Report:  1) Steve reminded the Board of our end-of-year lunch at DeMille’s after the meeting.  2) Steve attended the sports awards banquet on Monday; the keynote speaker was track star James King.  Eric purchased a soccer ball and had the CIF Champion Girls’ Soccer Team all sign it at the banquet so it can be included in the memorabilia room.  3) Annual Cleanup Day is Saturday, August 10th.  Our main focus will be weed abatement.  4)  Hoover Groover Annual BBQ is Saturday, August 17th at Morley Field, 10:00am.  5)  Steve is talking to many notable alumni for 90th Anniversary dedication.  Discussion.              6)  Eric got a pin flag autographed by Phil Mickelson to be used as a silent auction prize at the next golf tournament.  7)  Steve met with Eric and Principal Babineau regarding ideas for what to include in the time capsule.  8) There was a national news story about Hoover Alum Colonel Charles Scharf (c/o ’51 or ’52).  He was killed in Vietnam.  Another soldier got his POW/MIA bracelet, wore it for 20 years, then was able to deliver it to his widow.  A rubbing of the Hoover “H” at the Vietnam wall was made and will be sent to us, to honor an American hero.   Marcia also discussed posthumous Medal of Honor winner, Anund Roark (c/o ’66).  9)  Laura Lou needs help with the memory garden.  Discussion.  Lil and Carol are sending info to her.  10)  Steve updated us on Board members who have been ill.

Vice-Chair’s Report:  Nancy reported that she will be helping Vicky Banks on Monday with the Tower Book.

New Business:  Lois mentioned her reunion will be held at Admiral Baker on August 16th at 11:00am, and asked Steve to attend.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

_______________________________________________________________________________Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, May 9, 2019

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:04 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Margie Boyd; Marcia Kern;      Lil Baehr; John Adkins; Lois Draper; Eric Wong; Koala Balderas; Guests – Dick Canfield; Will Kaufman; A.D.Vanessa Stahley; Principal Jason Babineau.

Chairman Steve Barclay welcomed all of our guests to the meeting.  Dick Canfield (’42) talked about attending the 1st Annual Cardinal Golf Tournament and winning the $100 hat drawing.  He brought the $100 he won and donated it back to the Golf Committee for use at the next tournament.  Thank you, Dick.

Athletic Director Stahley 1) brought invitations and discussed the athletic awards banquet for varsity players to be held June 3, 2019, 6-8pm.  The 2016 CIF Boys Basketball Team will be recognized at the event.  2)  She informed the Board that they are working on getting a banner for former player, J.D. Luster, for the Legends Wall. She stated they would find the money, but didn’t know the criteria used for inclusion.  Will Kaufman (‘55) was formerly on the Foundation Board and said that he had the original papers that spell out the criteria necessary for inclusion on the Legends Wall.  He will fax that information to Vanessa ASAP.

Principal Babineau reported that 1) construction is 44% complete.  2) Currently doing AP testing; we have more students than ever taking AP tests.  Juniors are also doing State Testing and taking it very seriously, wanting to do well – a huge difference from last year.  3)  Staff breakfast scheduled for June 12th at 8:00am.  Discussion had regarding use of cafeteria; Larry will meet with cafeteria manager.  Vanessa suggested    grab-&-go type foods.  4) Cleanup day is August 10th; Steve said main focus would be weed abatement, and asked Jason if he any specific work he wanted done.  Jason mentioned the front steps of the gym, and Vanessa said she will have athletes there to help.  Discussion.  5)  Glynnis mentioned her concern about students not knowing/singing the Alma Mater. Jason said there is a banner with lyrics in the gym, but that we need to start focusing on its importance and singing it at every event, possibly starting with the incoming freshmen.  The choir will sing it at graduation.  6)  Lois let everyone know that the thrift store she volunteers at is offering free prom dresses to Hoover students, and asked staff to pass along that information.  It is the African Alliance Thrift Store on El Cajon Boulevard.

Chairman’s Report:  1) Steve discussed frequency of school shootings across the country.  2) Steve is again working on the quilt project, mentoring students from seven different countries.  They are preparing for the ceremony scheduled for May 22nd at 10:00am.  3) Steve was invited to the City Heights 2020 budget meeting, but cannot attend; Koala is interested in attending.  4)  Steve spoke with Vicky Fox about the Cox Scholarship Program.  Application period is closed, but will meet with her to discuss next year’s scholarships.

Minutes:  John moved that the minutes of the last meeting held April 11, 2019 be approved as written; Lois seconded the motion.  All in favor, the motion passed.

Membership:  1) Marcia reported we added 11 annual renewals, 2 life memberships, 2 scholarship donations of $50 and $20, and have 1 deceased member – Total membership is 677.   2)  Marcia asked Board members to submit names of notable/legend classmates so she can send personal letters promoting membership, possibly write newsletter articles; this will coincide with grand re-opening celebration.  She will also include a newsletter – mailing cost is $1.30 each.  Would like to be reimbursed eventually.  3) John moved that Marcia be allotted funds for mailing; Glynnis seconded the motion; All in favor, the motion passed.  4)  Discussion held regarding grand re-opening celebration, possibly having special committee with separate meetings, like Franklin 90th anniversary.  Lil mentioned getting in touch with the Franklin 90th committee chairs for advice on how to proceed.

Financial Report:  1) Steve reported that finances are unchanged. 

Staff Breakfast:  1) Steve reported we are reducing the amount allocated for staff breakfast.  Last year we allocated $700, but had leftover funds (total spent was $387.66); this year we have reduced the amount allocated to $500.  We need volunteers to serve, set up, & clean up; also need one or two earlier than 7:00am to help Larry with setup and food prep.  Eric volunteered to come early.  Margie asked if we could bring non-Board members to help – yes!  Discussion held regarding menu.  Most members feel a Continental-type breakfast would be the best option.  Lois moved that the menu include muffins, yogurt, fruit, juice, coffee & tea; Marcia seconded the motion; All in favor, the motion passed.

Scholarship Report:  1) Lois reported we are giving out 22 scholarships.  Discussion held regarding interviews.  Marcia mentioned how uplifting the experience was.  She wrote an article for the website/newsletter.  All the kids were fabulous!  Awards Night is May 30th at 5:30pm – be there by 5:15pm.  We need to make sure photos are taken of the recipients.

Website:  1) Margie reported she has a to-do list she is working on.  She reiterated her need for members to own a page(s) to keep updated and send that info to Margie so she can keep track and update.

Newsletter:  1) Margie reported that we have gotten so many compliments on the quality of the newsletter; the paper was better and the unfolded format was more professional.  The better-quality paper cost less than the regular paper.  2) Labels had no maiden names and no expiration date.  Margie will go in to printer to help with mock-up to make sure that doesn’t happen again.  She will also change the heading and add a Hoover Alumni Organization footer at the bottom on each page.  3)  There was another “oops” that needs to be corrected.  Margie will make “Oops” a permanent feature.  4) Next newsletter will be 12 pages, sent out in November.  She needs articles by September meeting, ready to go before golf tourney in November, so we can just plug in tournament photos, etc.  Spring newsletter will have application for golf tournament.

Memory Garden:  1) Steve discussed Memory Garden.  Laura Lou would like to continue to have an active role.  He explained to Laura Lou that we need backups for all key positions.  Discussion.

Bricks & Benches / Merchandise:  1) John reported we have had more brick purchases by classes of ’64 and ’53.  2) Brick company offers symbol bricks, which cost an extra $5.  John wants to offer customers a few of these, including the cardinal; this may increase orders.  He wants to purchase a sample brick with symbol included in time for picnic.  3)  We have plenty of merchandise on hand.  Will sell at picnic.

Golf Tournament:  Glynnis reported that online payment through Event Caddy is still a work in progress.

Yearbook Sales:  1) Eric sold 3 yearbooks, possibly 1 more on Friday.  2) We are missing a ’65 yearbook from our permanent inventory.  Discussion, who has access to memorabilia room?  Marcia discussed asking people to donate yearbooks for the years that we are missing.  Eric said we received a mint-condition sweater and yearbook as an unsolicited donation.  3) There are also boxes missing/not marked in trophy room.  All were previously inventoried and marked; unsure what happened.  We will have to re-inventory after construction is complete and we move into library.  4)  Eric needs to meet with Jason and ASB regarding time capsule and what will be included in it.  He will ask for suggestions on Facebook on what to include.

Recycling Project Update:  1) Koala is doing a canyon cleanup project.  2)  He is looking for 4 more special education students to provide senior items for.  3) He has discussed with Monica working on providing a senior package to a student next year, would require a 3.0 GPA.  4)  Discussion regarding providing a recyclable collection area during cleanup day.

New Business:  1) Glynnis was able to attend Alumni Baseball Game April 27th.  Seemed to go well, fielded enough alumni players and had spectators in the stands.  2)  Steve reported the Pep Band Drumline was in a competition and asked for help with travel expenses.  Bus costs $385.  Discussion regarding use of golf tourney funds.  Glynnis explained that the Special Funds Request procedure was 99% complete, but not implemented yet.  But she felt that we could make an exception, since teams/clubs don’t have the information yet.  Since we have the funds available, she would like to waive the matching requirement and give them the full amount.  Koala moved to give the drumline $385 for travel expenses from golf tournament funds; John seconded the motion; All in favor, the motion passed.  Steve will talk to the Foundation about getting them the funds from the golf account, and he will get a copy of the request form back to Glynnis for record-keeping purposes.  3)  Glynnis also discussed finding out where/how we need to get the Special Funding Forms distributed to administration/staff in order for teams/clubs to properly ask for funding and know the requirements to do so.  Discussion regarding printing forms, finding out if there is a forms portal that staff uses to get forms, etc. 

Next Meeting:  Next meeting will be held June 6, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 12:09 a.m.


Hoover Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, April 11, 2019

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:06 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Nancy Nordell, Vice-Chair; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Margie Boyd; Marcia Kern; Monica Belandres-Root; Lil Baehr; John Adkins; Lois Draper; Chuck Diepholz; Eric Wong; Carol Jensen; Koala Balderas; Coach Bobby Schuman, Guest.

Chairman’s Report:  1) Steve reported that he had a discussion with Larry regarding the Alumni Organization hosting the end-of-year staff breakfast. We will not have access to the classroom kitchen due to construction; will have access to cafeteria kitchen. Discussion. Margie moved that we again sponsor the staff breakfast on a date TBD; Nancy seconded the motion; The motion passed with 12 in favor and 1 opposed.    2) Steve talked about the Young Life Club on campus; over 100 students participate.   3) Discussion regarding possibly having photography students to photograph/video at class reunions and/or golf tournament. 4)  Construction completion target date is June of 2020.  Steve met with Jack Goodall, discussed fundraising for grand opening event.  Discussion and suggestions on notable alumni who could possibly attend.  Once construction is completed, we will have display cases in the administration building to fill with memorabilia. We will also have Highland Avenue side of library for Hoover Museum to house our memorabilia.  5)  Franklin Elementary celebrated its 90th anniversary.  6)  Steve reported that the athletic director mentioned wanting to put a photo of an alumni athlete up in the gym; however, Steve let her know that would not fall under Alumni Organization purview.

Vice-Chair Report:  Nancy reported she has been helping tutor during 4th period and after school, helping students prepare for AP exams.

Minutes:  Lois moved that the minutes of the last meeting held March 14, 2019 be approved as written; Nancy seconded the motion.  All in favor, the motion passed.

Memory Garden:  1) Carol reported that someone reported on an alumni obituary, but she has no verification.  Feels we should err on the side of caution.  The process needs to be simplified. 2)  Carol will be the main contact for the Memory Garden; Laura Lou will still be involved.  Discussion on how we can honor Laura Lou for all of her service to the Alumni Organization.

Newsletter:  1) Margie reported the newsletter is finished, will be printed by Friday, and probably delivered by Monday or Tuesday.  2) We need to started on the next newsletter before September for October publish date, or we can push back to November publish date in order to include the golf tournament.  Discussion held regarding 10 or 12 pages; Margie wants 12 pages. 3)  Carol suggested getting a photo of notable alumni to be honorary committee for grand re-opening to be included in the newsletter.

Website:  Margie made changes to website.  She needs members to look it over and make suggestions on improvements.  She would like members to be in charge of reviewing certain sections of the website on a monthly basis and send any changes/corrections to her.  She would also like members to take photos at events they attend and send them to her.

Scholarship Report:  1) We are doing well on scholarship funds.  2) Lois reported we received a contribution from Chuck and his family.  3) We need to make a decision on the number of scholarships that we will be awarding this year.  Discussion.  Marcia moved that we offer between 20-22 scholarships in the following amounts: $1,000 for community college, $1,500 for University, and $2,000 for the named scholarships; Monica seconded the motion; All in favor, the motion passed.  4)  Nancy, Monica, Glynnis, Lil, Marcia and Lois have volunteered to do student scholarship interviews on April 29 & 30.  Need to be here by 8:00 am.  Awards Night is May 30th.

Coach Bobby Schuman introduced himself as Hoover’s new head baseball coach. He graduated from La Jolla High in 2012, played outfielder in college and in a pro independent league. He discussed his plans for the season, fundraising goals, and possibly doing some free camps.  He announced that the Alumni Baseball Game is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th; batting practice starts at 10:00am, and game starts at 11:00am, with hotdogs and Gatorade for all alumni attendees.  Donations are welcome.

Golf Tournament:   1) Monica reported that our Event Caddy website has not been set up yet, as we have had a few issues getting the site linked to the Foundation’s PayPal account.  She is working on it.  2) Glynnis distributed draft copies of our Special Funding Request Form that clubs/teams will use to request funding from golf tournament proceeds.  3)  Golf committee meetings will be held immediately following the monthly Board meetings.

Class POC Liaison:  1) Chuck contacted c/o ’49 POC regarding ’47-’50 reunion; they may add c/o’51.        2)  Chuck discussed need to replace Alice as meeting confirmation contact; new contact is Nancy.  3) There is a new c/o ’69 contact that needs to be added to the website.  And Chuck will call Carlos to see if he will be POC for c/o ’95.  4)  He will email upcoming events in April, but needs date of graduation.

Recycling Project Update:  1) Koala reported he would be purchasing two prom tickets, a grad night ticket, and a yearbook for students chosen by the special education teacher.  He will be getting a testimonial video from Principal Babineau, and plans to increase number of students helped next year.  2)  He is still working on getting the Hoover recycling program going.  3)  Steve suggested using our annual cleanup day project as a community-wide drop off location for recyclables.

Bricks & Benches:  John reported 6 bricks came in; 5 of the bricks were purchased by one person.

New Business:  1) Carol reported that a Hoover student came in 2nd at the Rotary 4-way speech contest and is going to the finals; the student is also our valedictorian this year.  2)  Marcia reported that Voice of San Diego reported on a Students Against Gun Violence Club at Hoover, and that there is a lot of support for it on campus.

Next Meeting:  Next meeting will be held May 9, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m. ty50 \lsd

——————————————————————————————————————–Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hoover Alumni Organization

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:03 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Nancy Nordell, Vice-Chair; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Margie Boyd; Marcia Kern; Monica Belandres-Root; Lil Baehr; John Adkins; Lois Draper; Larry Hall; Chuck Diepholz; Koala Balderas, guest.

Chairman’s Report:  1) Steve reported that he spoke with Vicky Fox, with Cox Charities, regarding applying for their scholarship program.  The application period is closed for 2019, but we will apply next year.  Steve plans to speak with her to discuss other programs.  2) Class of 1949 reunion will be October 3rd at the Bali Hai, possibly combined with classes of ’48 and ’50.  Class of’47 may be involved also. Discussion held.   3)  Steve will be attending four reunions; Marcia will attend c/o ’69 reunion September   27 & 28.    4)  Steve attended a meeting with SDUSD regarding construction update.  There are two new projects included:  the new front buildings will have hallways lined with display cabinets (possibly for trophies), and the front portion of the library (near Highland) will become the Hoover Museum and will belong to and be overseen by the Alumni Organization.  We have some major projects in 2020.

Minutes:  John moved that the minutes of the last meeting held February 14, 2019 be approved as written; Chuck seconded the motion.  All in favor, the motion passed.

Scholarship Report:  1) Larry reported that seven of the 22 scholarships we gave out last year went unclaimed.  This was the same percentage unclaimed for all other scholarships given out.  This year we will require proof of FAFSA submission and proof of acceptance or pending application for school in order to apply for scholarships.  2) Discussion regarding adding the seven unclaimed scholarships from 2018 to the 2019 scholarship total.  Also discussed how/when students attending community college will claim their scholarships, possibly over two years, but must use half in first year.  Discussed increasing University scholarship amount to $1500, minimum.  The four named scholarships may increase to $2,000.  Lois suggested doing the interviews first, and then making a decision on distribution amounts.  4)  Lois reminded us that interviews will be held April 29 & 30 at 8:00 a.m. in Room 402.  Awards Night is May 30th.

Newsletter:  Margie brought a mock-up of the newsletter.  She will send full 12-page newsletter via email to editors/proofers.  Discussion.  Margie needs feedback by this Sunday.

Website:  1) Margie is still working on security and encryption.  Discussion.  Cost for security is $600/year.

2)  Discussion held regarding procedures for 501(c)(3) tax deductibility for donations, membership, etc.        3) Glynnis mentioned there were some out-of-date items still on the website.  Discussion.  Margie will ask submitter for end-posting date so she will know when to remove.

Membership Report:  Marcia reported we gained five renewals and one new annual member.  She will send Steve the numbers for newsletter printing.

Walk of Champions / Merchandise sales:  1) John reported we have plenty of merchandise on hand.          2)  No brick installations have been done, due to weather.  We have six waiting to be installed.  He suggested having a sample brick made to take to reunions for display.  3)  He will start auditorium seat sales once the weather improves.  We have 40 on hand.  4)  He will send Margie new photos of bricks and construction to update website.  He and Eric took photos.

Class POC Liaison:  1) Chuck reported he got an additional contact for c/o ’56.  2) He will send email to POCs for upcoming events.

Golf Tournament:   1) Monica reported that the golf committee would be holding a meeting today at Admiral Baker following the Board meeting.  2) She is looking into online payments through golf websites.  She will go through the Foundation to connect Foundation PayPal account to the golf website.  Discussion.

New Business:Koala Balderas (c/o 2016) joined us today.  He came to explain a program he started called Koala’s Mobile Recycling, which supports inner-city high school students with learning disabilities.  Through his recycling program, he raises money to help these special education students pay for items that they normally might not be able to afford, i.e., senior photos, prom tickets, yearbooks, grad night tickets, caps and gowns, and food during weekly club meetings.  Koala’s Mobile Recycling is partnered with Y.E.S. (Young Entrepreneur Society), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and all recyclable donations are tax deductible.

Koala is working on bringing a recycling program to the Hoover campus.  He will be attending board meetings, and members can bring their recyclables to him then.

Next Meeting:  Next meeting will be held April 11, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


Hoover Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, February 14, 2019

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:14 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Margie Boyd; Marcia Kern; Monica Belandres-Root; Lil Baehr; John Adkins; Eric Wong; Carol Jensen; Zac Shapiro, faculty guest; Yadira Calderon, student guest.

Zachary Shapiro, Varsity Football Coach:  We welcomed our new football coach, Zac Shapiro to the meeting.  Zac is in his second week at Hoover.  He grew up in Claremont, CA; played football at University of Nevada, Reno and SDSU, and also played rugby.  He coached at Hoover in 2013-14, then SDSU for 3 years, then at Grossmont College, and now back at Hoover as the head coach.  Zac has lots of ideas and is very enthusiastic.  He reported that the team has already done a cleanup project in the weight room.

Yadira Calderon, Student Guest:  Yadira is a senior in the Hoover Health Sciences Academy.  She was nominated by her counselor, Alex Ayala, to speak to the news about her experiences at Hoover.  She was interviewed on the local PBS television station and NPR radio, and says she wanted to represent Hoover in a positive way.  She has been involved in the community by helping at Rady’s Urgent Care and La Maestra, and was a summer intern at UCSD.  She has applied to 3 schools, and wants to go to SDSU to major in Biology, Public Health and Natural Sciences.  Steve let her know that the Alumni Organization gives out scholarships and recommended that she apply.

Chairman’s Report:  1) Steve introduced our newest member, Carol Hartsen Jensen (’61).  Carol was a Junior Golf State Champion twice and golfed as a pro.  She told us about herself and family history of Hoover grads.  She is interested in helping with the Memory Garden database.  Welcome, Carol.  2) Steve discussed our need to recruit younger members.  We possibly have two from 2008 and 2011 that are interested in joining the Board.

Minutes:  Eric moved that the minutes of the last meeting held January 17, 2019 be approved as written; Marcia seconded the motion.  All in favor, the motion passed.

Website:  1) Margie is still working on adding e-commerce/PayPal to our website and bought more security so that everything would be encrypted.  She is continuing to work with GoDaddy and PayPal in order to customize for membership and golf payments.

Membership Report:  1) Marcia reported that we have 3 new annual members, 2 annual renewals, and 1 really delinquent upgrade to life membership.  She also did a complete audit that cleaned up the membership rolls and listed current members by class year.

Yearbook Sales:  1) Eric reported that sales are slow right now, but he did sell one yearbook last month, for a total of 103 since we started yearbook sales. Steve suggested putting a blurb in the newsletter regarding yearbook sales.   2)  Discussion on yearbooks located in Room 703; Eric was able to get access to the room last month after the meeting.

Walk of Champions / Merchandise sales:  1) John discussed the white staining on the walkway bricks, thinks it is a lime bloom, and hopes it is not an ongoing problem.  Discussion.  2)  Date set for bricks to be installed.  John gave local purchasers their choice of placement – showed photos of new bricks/owners.  Discussion had on putting a colored photo of brick on order form.   3)  Three benches still need to be installed.  John will address with new custodian.

Golf Tournament:   Monica reported that the golf committee would be holding a meeting today following the Board meeting.  Discussion.

Newsletter Update:  Newsletter goes out in April.  Margie showed a mockup of what she has so far.  She needs input by March 14th meeting so proofers can do a final edit.

Old Business:  1) All of the Ted Williams memorabilia items we loaned out to the California Museum have been returned safe and sound, along with a thank-you letter from the museum.  2)  Alumni Night at the varsity basketball game was a great success.  There was a full house and an alumni banner.  Hoover won on a 30-foot shot with 36 seconds left.

New Business:  1) If anyone hears of upcoming reunions, please pass that information along to the Board.

2)  There will be an alumni baseball game in the Spring.  The date is to be determined.

Next Meeting:  Next meeting will be held March 14, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.


Hoover Alumni Organization

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday, January 17, 2019

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:09 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Nancy Nordell, Vice-Chair; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; Margie Reynolds; Marcia Kern; Lois Draper; Chuck Diepholz; Monica Belandres-Root; Lil Baehr; John Adkins; Mark Strauss; Larry Hall; Eric Wong; Ed Balinger; Tawnya Pringle, Counselor; Principal Babineau.

Chairman’s Report:  1) Steve shared a book written by Dr. Nate Landis, “God Wants His Kids Back” and a U-T article about sports writer Jerry Magee passing away at age 90.  2) He hopes that Lizbeth Pastenes, c/o 2008 will be joining the Board and help us connect with younger alumni.

Scholarship Report:  Tawnya Pringle came to update us on scholarships.  1) We have 30 unclaimed scholarships from last year; she is working on contacting students.  We discussed reasons students are not picking up their scholarships and the possibility of texting recipients a reminder to pick up and/or remind them at graduation practice.  After Feb. 28th the funds will no longer be available to them and will go back to the Alumni Organization.  2) Larry added that the Foundation will no longer designate a specific number of scholarships for each academy; they will wait for applications, then designate scholarships accordingly.        3) The application schedule has been moved up one month; Discussion on tightening up the process and how State program funding community college tuition may impact scholarship levels.  4)  Tawnya added, to be considered, students will need to attach proof they’ve enrolled and proof they have completed their FAFSA.  5)  This year the levels will increase to $25,000 for both the Organization and Foundation, with additional special scholarships added on top of that amount.  6)  Scholarship interviews will be held April 29 & 30; room has been reserved.  Lois reminded us we need Board member volunteers for interviews.  7) Scholarship Awards Night is May 30th at 5:30; be there by 5:15 p.m.

Vice-Chair Report:  Nancy reported that c/o ’79 asked to borrow reunion startup money; their request was denied.  Many years ago startup funds were loaned, but hasn’t been the practice for quite some time.  HAO monies are for scholarships and school-specific support. 

Minutes:  Chuck moved that the minutes of the last meeting held December 13, 2018 be approved as written; John seconded the motion.  All in favor, the motion passed. 

Financial Report:   1) Larry gave a recap of 2018 finances; We took in $3,935 in dues, $884.16 in yearbook sales, $1,910.85 in merchandise sales, $2,600 in brick/bench sales.  Discussion on costs – benches and bricks are most profitable for us.  Golf  tournament not included in above number; these numbers are for tax filing.  We will pay the State $199 for sales taxes collected for 2018.  2)  Steve added that finances should improve this year due to reduced costs.

Website:  1) Margie looking into e-commerce for website.  Going through PayPal, we need to use separate email address – Marcia’s for membership and Monica’s for golf tourney; then transfers to Foundation account can be done on regular basis.  Discussion.  Margie will customize; she and Larry will discuss particulars. 

Newsletter:  1) Newsletter to go out in April.  Discussed what will be included – golf tourney, construction update, etc.  Margie showed mockup of what she has so far.

Walk of Champions / Merchandise sales:  1) John discussed the white staining on the walkway bricks;  still looking into it.  2)  More bricks coming in; we have enough now to install.  Discussion on placement.    3)  John attempted to build brackets for Goodall sign, but was unable to.  We need a professional to do this.  4) No merchandise sales – no events held.  Steve gave event dates where merchandise can be sold.

Sports Update:  1) Ed reported there will be an Alumni Night at the boys varsity basketball game January 25th at 7pm vs. Madison.  There will be special seating for alumni.  2)  Steve wants to make some connection with the alumni baseball game that is held in the spring.  3)  Jason reported that the search for a new football coach is underway.  Interviews will be held next week.  Discussion on how the interview process will work. Steve suggested a blurb be included in the newsletter and on the website.

Yearbook Sales:  1) Eric reported he sold 2 more yearbooks (2005 & 1985).  Since we started, he has sold 102 books and made a little over $3,000.  2)  Discussion about current location of excess yearbooks and trophies in Room 703, and lack of access due to lock being changed.  Jason said the lock was changed to protect what is up there, due to classroom below, but we can have access any time.  Larry would like to get a key after the meeting so he and Eric can check on what is up there.

Construction Update:  Principal Babineau reported that the contractor is working quickly and is on schedule.  They are hoping to be done in Spring of 2020, then the furnishings/interior work will begin.  We are on track for Fall 2020 opening.  Eric asked if a time capsule will be put in new building.  Jason says yes.

Principal’s Report:   1) Jason reported on a student incentive program.  Our student math scores are not where they should be. The Foundation gave $1,000 to help incentivize students to attend after school/Saturday math instruction; for doing so, they can receive Hoover bucks to use at the student store Monica asked if snacks will be provided, as that could help get the kids to attend.  Jason felt that was a good idea.  Teachers will be doing the tutoring.  Discussion regarding reaching out to SDSU students to tutor and possible stipends for teachers. 2)  Jason reported that during the District Conference on project-based learning, Hoover was tapped to showcase two academies that presented in a Shark Tank-type environment.  People came from around the country to see what Hoover is doing.  3)  We have more AP classes than ever.  Hoover will have an info night for new AP students and parents.  Jason reminded us that Hoover applied for a NIMSI Grant and we are in year 1 of 3 of that grant.

Golf Tournament:  Monica reported that the golf committee had received a request for funds from the soccer team just a few days after the tournament.  The request was declined, as tournament finances were still being reconciled.  Discussion.  We plan to start funding some groups soon; need to finalize how the requests will be made to us.

Class POC Liaison Update:  1) Chuck is continuing to work on class contacts.  Currently 23 open class contacts, primarily from the 1990s and 2000s.  2)  Steve reported upcoming reunions for c/o 1969 & 1979.

Membership Report:  1) Marcia reported on membership database audit.  Members delinquent since 2015 have been deleted from rolls.  Reminders in newsletters generated many renewals.  We have 672 members (down 137 after audit).  Marcia plans to send out reminder with front page of newsletter to those who were up for renewal in 2016 & 2017; will continue to put expiration dates on labels.  2)  Mark reported on ideas for increasing membership.  He will be working with Marcia and be in charge of recruitment.  Discussion on using incentives to boost membership; Monica handed over remaining HAO window decals from golf committee to Marcia for membership committee use.

New Business:  1) Steve & Larry will be meeting with anonymous donor regarding unspecified amount.  There is a possibility that once construction is completed and offices leave the library, those spaces could be used for a memorabilia room that would be open to the public.  Donor money could help fund that.  It is a long way off.  2)  When new buildings open in 2020, Steve would like to have a grand opening event.  We need to start brainstorming for a fundraising push to pay for this.

Next Meeting:  Nest meeting will be held February 14, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 12:19 p.m.E