Minutes of the Meeting 2021

Minutes of the meeting held Friday, May 7, 2021

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 10:05 a.m.

Members Present:  Steve Barclay, Chairman; Glynnis Aguirre, Secretary; John Adkins; Lil Baehr;          Lois Draper; Larry Hall.

Chairman’s Report:  Steve reported:  1) Scholarship awards night to be held June 3rd, in-person, at 5:00 p.m. in the quad.  This is a limited-capacity event.  2) Chuck Hansen has joined the Board of Directors as an at-large member.  3) The fundraising appeal placed in the last newsletter raised over $2,200 for our operating fund.  Larry suggested Steve send all donation info to both Larry and Lil in order to coordinate databases.  Glynnis posted a donation appeal on Facebook this morning.  4)  Steve sent out newsletters to prospective new members; we need to grow our membership.

Minutes:  No minutes approval, as we have not had in-person meetings since March 12, 2020.

Finances:  Larry reported:  1) As of the end of March, the HAO balance is $3,400.

Scholarship Report:  Lois & Larry reported:  1) Eight scholarships from last year went unclaimed by the claiming deadline (76% claiming rate); money carried over to this year.  The principal requested a time extension for students to claim; students must claim or request an extension to claim by May 11th; extension would run till February 2022.  2) As of 3/6/21, two $1,500 scholarships and one $1,000 scholarship are unclaimed. Claiming extensions are only for last year; We will not do any extensions in the future.  Larry stated we may not have rollover funds for this year.  3) HAO will be giving out $25,000 in scholarships at this year’s awards ceremony.  Tawnya will be doing all interviews due to covid restrictions; HAO will learn about applicants through their submitted applications.  4) Only named scholarships to be given this year are “Goodall” and “Kirk.”  5) Lois reported the Class of ’56 is having a reunion luncheon in October.  It is free to attend, but there will be a donation bucket for scholarships.  She will ask that HAO general fund/operating fund be included.  Steve plans to attend.  6)  Larry believes the scholarship program may change in the future due to possibility of free community college.  He thinks we may want to revamp the program to allow our scholarships to be used for any school expenses a student incurs at the student store, such as books, tuition, fees, parking permits, etc.  We will need to address this with the colleges before September.  This doesn’t affect what we do; only changes what is allowed at the colleges.  7) Larry discussed college application fees and the possibility of how the HAO could help with this, for students who do not qualify for fee waivers.  He will talk to Tawnya and CAC about this.  There would also need to be a cap on any amount of money HAO would/could supply.

Golf Tournament:  Glynnis reported:  1) Per discussions Monica has had with Admiral Baker, they will not be allowing any tournaments to be held this year.  Monica and Glynnis feel that, even if that policy were to change anytime soon, there would not be enough time to plan for a 2021 tournament.  Other golf venues were looked into, but that didn’t seem feasible.  Steve asked about possibly changing the date.  Glynnis felt that we should keep the date in November, as that is the date we’ve published and told people to keep open for the past three years.  Also moving tourney to the spring would create another problem of what to do when November came.  Tournament will be postponed until November of 2022.  2)  Glynnis discussed need for clubs and teams to gain more access to the funds raised by the tournament; we need online request form capability or direct email request sent directly to hoovergolfing@gmail.com email (Monica).  Process needs to be simplified and promoted by the school so that clubs and teams know there is money for them.  3) John mentioned possibility of using a QR code to promote the golf tournament.

Membership:  Lil reported: 1) Through March 31st we added 1 new life member, converted 1 annual member to life member, 3 new annual members, 6 annual renewals, and 4 HAO donations; for a total of     699 members and $1,700.00 received.  2) Through April 30th we added 4 new life members, 1 converted annual to life member, 19 annual renewals, and 5 HAO donations; for a total of 700 members and $2,095.00 received.  3) We received a request from the son of a life member (c/o ’42) to end her membership, as she is unable to utilize the materials or participate in the activities.  That drops our membership total to 699.  4)  Lil has found at least one duplicate in the membership database.  Once she goes through the entire database, she will be able to give a more accurate membership number.

Newsletter Update:  1) Steve discussed his how happy he was with the last newsletter.  HAO already has articles on Barbie, Pillsbury, and Santee Mayor Minto planned for next newsletter.  2)  Glynnis mentioned that she believes the newsletter is great. But if we get low on operating funds in the future, we should scale back the number of pages.  Discussion.

Time Capsule:  Time capsule is ready to be put in place.  We are still waiting for Hoover staff items that haven’t been contributed yet.  Steve is meeting with Jason about this.

Cleanup Day:  Steve reported that he doesn’t know if cleanup day will happen this year.  TBD.

Bricks / Benches / Merchandise:  Discussion regarding auditorium seats – have been stored under bleachers; probably unsellable now.

New Business:  1) Steve discussed the tiles that were removed from the auditorium before construction. He spoke with a company to supply new tiles so HAO can start fundraising sales again.  Tiles are a different plastic-type material.  Discussion.  Steve sent information to John, who can possibly do installation.  2) John discussed Eric’s display in the new performing arts theater and showed a photo of the display case.  It is a display of notable alumni who have excelled in the performing arts.  This may be a seasonal display.  Eric has done a phenomenal job and put in a lot of work on all of the display cases.  Thank you, Eric. 3)  Steve discussed possibly continuing meetings after June.  Larry thinks this won’t be possible because of summer school.  Discussion.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:27 a.m.