Homecoming November 3, 2017

Junior Varsity Football game at 3:30 p.m.

Varsity Football  VS Patrick Henry at 6:30 p.m.


House of Cards

During Hoover High’s 80th Anniversary celebration in October 2010, the names of Tony Banks, Todd Doxey and Ted Giannoulas were added to the 23 Hoover High legends whose photos adorn the wall inside the  Cardinals’ gymnasium:

Milton “Milky” Phelps (class of 1936)
Ted Williams (1937)
Tommy Johnson (1937)
Bob Beckus (1938)
Dick Mitchell (1938)
Dr. George Brown (1941)
Ben Chase (1942)
Willie Steele (1942)
Ray Boone (1942)
Lois Alston (1945)
Volney Peters (1947)
Jack Razzeto (1948)
Dr. Bill McColl (1948)
Mickey Wright (1952)
John Adams (1955)
Dave Morehead (1961)
Dr. Eddie Hanks (1964)
Pat Harrison (1964)
Roy Barth (1965)
James King (1967)
John Helfrick (1969)
Bill Gay (1974)
Mike Davis (1977)

*Also honored in the gym are Bob Breitbard and Monroe “Bookie” Clark

Source: Hoover High